"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


7:43pm-mom puts baby to bed
7:45pm-baby falls asleep
11:02pm-mom hears baby giggling & laughing in crib
11:03pm-mom watched FAVORITE reality show
12:01am-mom goes in to turn heater on in baby's room, finds baby awake and cheerful in crib
12:30am-after reading book for 30 min. mom still hears baby awake and playing, but attempts to fall asleep anyway
1:08am-mom gets baby from crib to cuddle with in recliner
1:25am-mom puts baby back in crib
2am-mom gets baby out of crib, feeds baby milk & ritz bitz (mom eats too, now SHE'S hungry)
2:25am-mom puts baby back in crib, baby still very cheerful and giggling
2:58am-mom wakes dad up (who has been peacefully sleeping for the last 4 1/2 hrs) to get baby, "tag, you're it!"
3am-mom & dad use sucker to clean out baby's nose
3:05am-dad puts baby back in bed
3:08am-mom, dad, & baby fall fast asleep
8:40am-mom & baby wake up, surprisingly cheerful

and now i'm thinking...maybe the stuffing in easter baskets is NOT such a good idea.
the eggs still rock.
thanks for the goodies gigi, brennan had a blast all morning:-)
he even knows how to open the eggs and put them back together.
so coordinated;-)


Gilbert Family said...

so talented! hopefully you get to nap with him today. you deserve it!

Brooke said...

we had a similar night! good job us!

Sue said...

I'm still lost on why you got the little feller up when he was playing and giggling so happily in his crib.

What are ya, crazy???


PS. Answer: Yes, you ARE crazy...about him, right?