"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the story of a runner who hated running

i just ran 4 miles.
with the pork loin in the jogger.
i know, most of you "don't run."
remember when i wrote about it here?
i used to not run.
i used to HATE running.
i know, you've heard this before, but today i was running.
and thinking of all of you "non-runners."
trying to find the words to motivate you to run.
b/c it brings me such empowerment.
there's just nothing more powerful than an empowered woman.
so i thought about why i didn't like running.
in the 7th grade they made us run the mile on fridays.
oh how i LOATHED it.
my best friend, tara, she was this stick thin runner.
she did the mile in 6 or 7 minutes.
it was amazing.
i huffed and puffed in at around 15 min.
it was embarrassing.
i wished i was faster.
so came high school.
early bird P.E.
my friend skye convinced me i should take it with her so we could be in choir.
so glad i did, but i am not a morning person.
so on tuesdays and thursdays we had to run this cross country course.
i have no idea how long it was,
but it felt like 10 miles.
i still LOATHED running at this point.
then it was off to college.
i wanted to be thin, so i took up running.
but i wanted to eat lots too. hello dorm food!
i think i ate tater tots with ranch and ketchup (ew, i know) at every meal.
oh, and the monstrous salads with lots of cheese and ranch.
so i went through this phase where i ran so i could eat lots.
but then i just got frustrated,
so i stopped eating and ran lots.
got reeeeeeeeeeeally skinny.
so unhappy though...skinny is supposed to make me happy right?
haha, that's funny!
so i kept running, but started eating again, but still was unhappy inside.
then i got close to God and got reeeeeeeeeeeeeally happy:-)
then i met sean.
then i got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally in the running.
ran a half marathon in rexburg, idaho. one of my top 10 favorite memories.
then i had a baby.
started swimming.
missed running.
oh bless you devoted goddesses who are still reading;-)
started running again.
and here i was today.
rascal flatts in my ears.
pork loin in the jogger in front of me.
sun shining.
long stretches of pavement ahead.
running down this monstrous mountain i had just run up
(okay, it was just a small hill, but with a 26 pound baby in a jogger it felt more like a mountain)
i felt on top of the world.
and i remember how i hated running.
how i love it now.
so i smiled:-)
how did i get here?
i trained myself to persevere.
and i thought,
"isn't that what life's all about?"
training ourselves to persevere through our challenges.
i'll bet you would feel great if you got out there and did something you didn't know you could do.
like running.
go ahead!
i dare you.
what's the worst that could happen?
at least you could blog about it;-)


Bree said...

2 miles for me this morning, however inside, and almosting, fainting...i'm feeding off the adrenaline from actually running-I CAN DO IT!

Amy said...

i am so glad you posted this. I was actually contemplating running today. i am one of those haters of running. I really try to like it, but it just seems so awful. I can't breathe, I get a stitch in my side, and it just isn't fun. I finally figured out a route, and exactly how long it is. I run through a hilly cemetery, and checking with the odometer in my car. My running route is two miles. I am excited to go tonight, but also dreading it. Do you have any suggestions on keeping with it?

Sue said...

Good post, Emily. Almost makes ME want to run...and that is nothing short of miraculous!

Brooke said...

I'm still not a runner and never will be- unless someone invents a way to run on clouds perhaps- I just get shin splints way too badly! Yes, have had them since 6th grade mile fridays!!! Anyway- I do feel very empowered when I am out walking my sf hills with the ipod, baby in stroller, and beautiful things to see all around!

Fiauna said...

Four miles today. Three yesterday. I love to hate running. I've been a runner since I was 18, and that was a long, long time ago. Like you, I ran so I could eat. Now I run for the endorphins ( I try not to do caffeine and find running boosts my energy.) and figure that everyday that I run now is one more day I don't have to worry about my weight in the future.