"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, June 1, 2009

needing a shower...again.

it's june.
what does this mean?
it means i need a shower AFTER i've showered and done my hair.
which reminds me of top gun.
oh top gun!
i'm all sweaty and hot.
do you see my shiny, "reddish" tinted face?
the droplets on my upper lip?
they're there.
it's H-O-T.
weather bug says it's only 75 outside,
but the dryer is going, both of them.
i'm wussy about these things.
and other things too, but we won't go into them today.


Proudfeet said...

And it's only just begun! Just found my book! Can't wait to get started!

Emmy said...

Yeah if it's only 75 and you are hot you are in trouble :)
I want to go watch Top Gun again now!

Rebecca Talley said...

Top Gun . . . I went to high school with Goose--had a huge crush on him.

I don't like hot at all. I'd rather take cold any day.

♥CHRISSY♥ said...

I FEEL that :-D, except Over here on the East Coast we have a little thing called HUMIDITY so even right when you get out of the shower you feel like you need to get right back in, because you are that STICKY!!

Sue said...

Can't stand to be hot either!

Gilbert Family said...

...and still so gorgeous!

The One and Only said...

If I could look so good when in need of a shower. Why are you so cute?

I actually love the heat. I could move to AZ if I could pack up my family and drag them there with me.

(the word verification for this is *ovenest*. I guess that's one way to say it's hot.)

Bonni and Pete said...

you could come up to seattle. it's super nice up here and the weather is perfect! hopefully it stays that ways...

Amy said...

What? First off, I am convinced that the Weatherbug lies all the time, it really is hotter than it says it is. Secondly, you live in UT. you are from CA. How can you not like the heat? I revel in it. I adore it. I would live somewhere hot all the time if my husband wouldn't melt. Just go get yourself a nice cold otter pop, and life will be cool once more :)

Fiauna said...

This happened to me this morning. As I put on my lipstick I noticed the beads of sweat above my lip. That means it's pool time!

Cari said...

Em, you are hillarious. I love the new hair by the way. Its prob been forever since you have done it, but still. Well how does a BBQ sound sometime soon, to get even more sun? hahaha. We are pretty packed the next couple weekends, but I will call you soon and see what you are up to in a few weeks!