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Sunday, October 11, 2009

elevated crib

when brennan has a runny nose i have sean shove a blanket under the left side of his crib to elevate the mattress.
this has become second nature to us.
who knows if this actually does anything, but it is "supposed to" keep the drainage going with gravity.
"elevate the crib and use a humidifier."
i can't tell you how many times i have heard that line.
when he had rsv last winter i would call the nurse line at our pediatrician for advice on his wheezing and retraction saying, "the crib is elevated, there's a humidifier in the room, i've sucked his nose, and given him two breathing treatments."
it got to the point where i would just call the appointment desk, give brennan's name, and they would reply, "how does 3:10 work for you today?"
yes, we were really there that much.
let's just avoid the hospital this season:-)
so i still elevate the crib when he has a runny nose.
we're in a shortage for plugs, thus the humidifier has not been resurrected from the cold storage just yet.
so when the crib is elevated where does brennan end up sleeping?
with his head on the down slope.


Ali said...

Exactly what my pediatrician told me to do years ago! You can also use a pillow!

The Medrano Fam said...

We do the same thing,and the Dr. office knows us well too. He was impressed that we made it without coming into his office between his 15 and 18 mo appt., that hasn't happend since he was born. Only to come in a week later with a cold. He had RSV at 1 month, yucky stuff! Just praying that he's built up some kind of antibodies for when the baby come!

Emmy said...

We do the same thing. I hope he makes it through the cold season this year better.. never fun when kids are sick.
Before I had my heart surgery I got pneumonia all of the time. My mom said I was in the hospital pretty much every holiday. So yep, if she ever called they always had her bring me right in.

Sue said...

My eldest grandson got rsv when he was a baby, and he did have two or three asthmatic years, but he seems to have grown out of all of that now. It did affect him for a while, but he's almost eight now and he's had a good 4-5 years of normal colds without prednisone, breathing treatments, and all the rest. So hang in there!

**Amanda** said...

How funny that he lays at the bottom! Haha