"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 12, 2009


i tried to arch my back REALLY far for you this morning. i thought i would die waiting for the timer to go off on the camera from arching so far. doesn't look like i was arching very far though...

the creaking and cracking has begun.
along with heartburn from coke???
back to my bones.
when i turn in my sleep they crack and pop.
when i get up in the morning, what feels like the bottom three vertebrae pop for 10 steps, or something scientific like that.
i had forgotten about this from when i was pregnant with brennan.
funny how you forget.
did you know the curvature of a woman's spine changes during pregnancy?
it's true.
a pregnant woman's lower spine literally changes during pregnancy to shift her centre of gravity backwards so she doesn't topple over from the weight of her baby.
the spinal curvature becomes more pronounced (i just had a really funny image of pregnant woman all standing around together and toppling over, me included. it made me laugh.)
it reduces the stress the baby puts on the mother's spine by placing the baby directly over the pelvis.
you men, you don't have it.
sorry guys, one more magic trick in our hat;-)
guess what else i found?
"they" kept talking about the curvature extending across 3 vertebrae.
i'm a genius, don't you think;-)
or just in tune with my body and my 3 popping vertebrae.
i've made the scout master proud.
he knew all of this of course, but it was news to me.
and maybe to you?
sheesh, THEM BONES are rockin';-)
alice in chains anyone?
can't say i've ever been a fan, but i couldn't get the title out of my head this morning.
i had a much more catchy tune playing in my head, "them bones, them bones, them spooky bones."
you know, something to do with halloween and mickey mouse club house?
is there a different song with "them bones" in it that i'm missing???


TheRixonFive said...

ooohhh ... one of the many many things I do not miss about being prego. =) you're doing great!

Proudfeet said...

Well don't you have one cute little mama belly!!

Amy said...

What a tiny tummy you have, and that is one amazing arch! Because of the lovely curvature (I am guessing) I get to have a pelvis that is out of alignment and so hurts when I walk. Not a lot of fun. And nothing can be done until the baby is born. But I mostly don't notice it now, what with all the excitement of having a baby coming and all...

Sue said...

Loved your funny post but can't help thinking a serious thought too...about what a miracle it all is!


Snarky Belle said...

Yes, I think you are definitely a genius. And nice arch too! :)

Emmy said...

Too funny. And I did not realize that so you must be smarter than me ;)
I had problems with my sciatic nerve during my second pregnancy, that was the worst.

Fiauna said...

Cute little belly. Makes me wish . . . Nah, I'm done for sure.

Synergy Girl said...

Okay, I have to be honest with you...that picture totally cracked me up!!! You don't even look pregnant!!! WHICH by the way is TOTALLY unfair!! I guess I have no complaining with this being number 5 and all, but seriously, you are so tiny!!