"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"it was an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini"

i swim.
i haven't in awhile.
i tried to swim around 20 weeks the way i swam before (that was a link to click in the blue, go ahead, click, we'll wait) i was pregnant and it landed me on the floor of our living room for an hour and a half.
exhausted and feeling like death.
the scout master was worried.
i just wanted to lay and not move.
so that's what i did.
i have a hard time with halfway and exercise.
so i decided to keep walking with my girlfriends and drop the swimming.
well, now walking is out of the question.
seeing as walking from the front of our apt to the back of our apartment is uncomfortable.
and when i say uncomfortable, i mean that the waddle is in full effect.
a painful waddle.
that means we're nearing the end.
waddle away!
the scout master says it's cute.
i think it's funny.
and i miss swimming.
but now i have a problem.
my swim suit doesn't fit my "current state."
i thought maybe it would stretch to fit.
which leaves a decision.
buy a maternity suit with 7 weeks to go,
or make an absolute spectacle out of myself in a bikini.
a polka dot bikini.
that i haven't worn in almost 7 years b/c i stopped wearing bikinis.
ok, wait, that's a lie.
i did wear it on my due date with brennan for a picture to show how big my belly was b/c my mom did it when she was pregnant with me.
i plan to do it on the due date or before rushing to the hospital if any future children come early.
it's fun.
and it makes me feel proud of the pregnant body.
and it's AMAZING to look back and see how absolutely HUGE my belly was!
so cool.
back to the bikini wearing.
8pm "lap swim" in the city pool is where jess, bree, keri, and i partake in our "aqua"-holicism.
where we are the youngest swimmers by at least 50 years.
where i would be sporting this polka dot bikini.
i just keep thinking what else i could do with the money in our budget instead of spending it on a maternity speedo.
like sushi.
we could go out to sushi twice for the price of what i think a maternity speedo will cost.
i'm sure there are other options, but speedo's have a great life span, and i like to buy suits that will last.
then i think healthy living is important too, and with a few weeks of saving i might be able to work it into the budget.
but then i picture myself trying to get into the pool, 8 mo. pregnant in a bikini, a polka dot bikini, without being noticed by the elderly crew and the high school lifeguards.
and i laugh.
and i think it would be really funny.


Amy said...

I say go for it. I had pool physical therapy during most of my pregnancy and it was the highlight of my week. I loved it! I haven't really swam since 9th grade and feeling the water envelope me was like being weightless (something all pregnant women long for, I think) and full of memories. Go for it! If you are planning on other kids you might as well spend the money now rather than later.

Sue said...

I have a feeling you will be looking great no matter what you wear. And you should definitely spend some time in the pool, either way. I bet it will make you feel light as a feather.


Emmy said...

I can help make your decision easier.. sushi is one of those probably no no foods during pregnancy.. the raw fish and mercury thing.
I am definitely missing sushi.

I just bought a cheap big sized bathing suit when I was really big and just wear it at the end of my pregnancy's

Meghan said...

Oh my goodness! Just wear the bikini! I swam laps this weekend at my fitness center pool. In a bikini! Granted, I'm only 25 weeks... but still. I have a belly now. I got looks. Mostly people smiling. Pregnant ladies in bikinis are CUTE.

Jess said...

Whenever you're ready to hit the pool again, no matter what you're wearing, I'm ready to feed in to the addiction :)

Ji said...

My goodness, you have written your stories with the format of a poem, plus added excepts and more...very creative, effective way to gasp readers for MORE!

Romantic Ride in your place!

just in case.

Fiauna said...

I say go for the bikini. But then again, you do love swimming, and you may be preggo again in the future, so the suit is bound to be used. Hmm. What to do. What to do . . .

Bree said...

i promise to go and not watch as you shed your robe...i cannot promise i won't laugh as you get out ha! i'm in..bikini or not.

beck said...

I say save the money and enjoy some laughs. Could you wear a tank top over it? Then find one clearanced or something the next go around. I bought a tankini for our mexico trip last year and I wish I'd saved the money and just gone with the bikini because it actually made me feel like a sexy pregnant girl instead of a blob. I say embrace your beautiful pregnant self!

Synergy Girl said...

What a cute bakini!! ROCK IT!!! Man, I haven't worn one in SO LONG...I don't even have one anymore!! That makes me wanna have an excuse TO have one!!! What a cute idea!! I try to get pictures, but there is only so much you can get with so-called "clothes" on....!!