"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, January 1, 2010

whipped nog {a shin-dig}

the red lips
reSOLution, turned reVOLution.
a good one, you were.
i think i'll keep you.

tammy's egg nog...or whipped nog.
it had floating chunks of whipped cream.
i died and went to heaven.
and then things got REALLY interesting...
it's just not a party at the mccleary's without a little GH.
last year's here.

like MOTHER, like son;-)
largest pizza i've ever seen in my life.
the ruff's were responsible for it.
a pie is what it's called. bree called me a "poser" after this shot above.
the first meltdown wasn't until 11:43pm.
go little dude go!
can't believe he made it that long.
if we'd only known what was in store...
at which point we decided to just stick it out and enjoy the midnight hour.
and then the REAL fun began...
the story of the REST of our night follows:
arrived home 12:31am.
washed the pork loin's hands,
threw on his jammies,
and then into bed.
cleaned our kitchen,
picked up toys,
got ready for bed,
read our books for a minute,
went to bed sometime around 1am.
2:45am brought a screaming child.
"binky sean." i say.
he rolls out of bed.
hall light on.
forever is what it feels like.
"what is he doing?!" i think, ready to be really grumpy that he wasn't being faster.
i'm not the nice one in the middle of the night.
i'm working on it.
rolled out of bed to see what was up.
child in father's arms, still screaming.
"he can't breathe," says sean.
great, i think.
so we suck his nose.
old news.
put him back to bed.
10 minutes later screaming recommences,
except now he's gaging like he can't breathe and is going to throw up.
at least he never threw up.
why did we stay up to midnight?
why did i keep my child up to midnight?
guilty feelings emerging,
"bad mother" speech going on in my head.
this goes on for about 3 hours.
the screaming and sucking snot, not the "bad mother" speech.
sometime around 4am i got tired of going back and forth between his crib and the recliner in the front room.
i tell sean to just bring him into our bed so we just have to sit up every 15 min to suck his nose.
sean agrees.
we're exhausted.
nights of a newborn were FLASHING before our eyes!
6 weeks early.
(although, i don't feel that exhausted this morning...maybe i can do this again.)
somewhere between 4 and 5am we decided he was finally breathing through his nose and sucking on his binky at the same time.
a feat within itself.
sean shoved two huge blankets under one end of the pork loin's mattress, put him to bed, turned on the "steam machine," and we all fell asleep until after 8am.
woke up with a food hangover.
or was it the egg nog????
cranky baby all morning, but awfully "lovie," as i call it.
hugs, kisses, reaching to sit on my lap.
love that little kid.
still think it was a great night and worth all of the aftermath.
crazy, i know.
thank goodness new year's is only once a year.
and thank goodness our friends and fam made the night worth it;-)
in other news...
the power went out this morning.
just realizing all of my clocks are wrong.
i did this again yesterday.
must have forgotten my note to self last year.
however, it wasn't nearly as bad.
picked up nursing necessities for baby "max" and bought a bathing suit to fit my "current form."
let the swimming begin again!
although, i haven't totally ruled out the bikini...


Boulant Family said...

That egg nog looks d'lish! Hope your little one feels better asap!

Sue said...

Here's hoping for a quick recovery! You need to be storing up sleep right now, not losing it...


PS. Looks like a fun New Year's Eve, though.

Amy said...

Yay for swimming! I am glad the night was worth the loss of sleep. When you celebrate New Year's you really stay up all night, er, celebrating. Or are you just conditioning yourself for the sleepless nights to come?

Emmy said...

Looks like a fun night! And you look totally hot with the red lipstick!

Sorry for the long rest of the night/morning.

Did you buy just a bigger sized bathing suit??

Dana said...

At our christmas eve party we let Zach go candy crazy, thinking it would be no big deal just that once. Well, he woke up around 2am having what I would call a diabetic episode. It was creepy. I definitely felt like a bad mother that night.