"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 2, 2010

rockstar in the making

p-diddy ryan
(aka grandpa ryan and/or silver fox)
played the drums.
he grew up in iowa.
i'm not sure how old he was when he started playing, but we've all heard the stories growing up.
the band, the gigs, the rock and roll.
i remember finding letters in my grandparent's house that dad had written home during college about how he knew the "C" in this class or that could be better, but that
"the band had just scored this really great gig that paid money and everything."
it made me feel pretty good about my A's and B's.
and it gave me bait to remind dad about how great of a student i really was, compared to his "C's" in college.
b/c to "the parents" as my step brother, step sister, and i called them (dad and sandie) "C's" were just not acceptable.
and thank goodness for that.
i'm still grateful for the work ethics they taught us about applying ourselves in school.
so the band.
this one below was called a name that would definitely not be deemed "PC" these days.
dad was the drummer.
top left.

following in his grandfather's footsteps,
thanks to auntie natalie, uncle shawn, & cousins emily, addie, & sophie...
i give you,
a rockstar in the making.
grandpa is so proud.


Sue said...

He looks like he knows what he's doing! But...this time, I couldn't view the video at all. It said "not available" or some such thing.

I'll come back later to see if it's up and running.


Amy said...

He is ready for the big time. he even has his grand finale of knocking over the drums! Awesome!

Soon to be Mrs. D said...

this is adorable and AWESOME!!! :)

Carol (Mehr) Simpson said...

He's soooo adorable! Patrick has got to be beaming! Way to go! luv, grandma c

Jess said...

He's so cute on those things. When Alex gets home from the mission he can teach Brennan how to play without driving the neighbors crazy!

Emmy said...

So cute! And love that picture your dad in the band, too funny.

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, he is cute in his pictures, but he is even cuter on video! Ollie watched this video with me and said "Uhoh!"