"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

even then

can i put him
time out
for being naughty
time out???
in other news...
it WAS the baking powder i forgot last time.
it was NOT that i added oil.
oil and baking powder together, plus the rest.
makes great "cake."
or cornbread.
whatever you call it.
we had it tonight.
taco soup and "cake."

found this in max's bed.
brennan was here.
i've never seen anything look so pretty in pink.
i'm trying to find the strength to try out other colors, but i always end up grabbing pink.
i feel more pink.
i love pink more.
i love me more.
i've bonded with makenzie much faster than i ever did with brennan.
it's not a stronger love by any means.
it's just different.
i love building the bond between mother and daughter.
i love it when the boys go outside and "the girls" make dinner.
watch the news.
watch oprah.
get dressed.
have a snack.
girl time is any time.
an extra special time.
even if it's "nothing" time.
it's not better than mommy and son time.
b/c lord knows i love a good truck smashing and bear growling sesh with him.
it's just different.
and i'm loving it.
even when there's puke down my shirt and my eyes hurt from the 4am feed.
and the 20 times she needed the binky last night.
it's worth it.
even then.
now, where are the pb reese's eggs?


Sue said...

You're a good mom, Em.


Jess said...

I love girl time too- it's so fun. I suppose tender loin had to hit the terrible twos sometime- but he's just so darn cute and sweet that I just don't ever picture him being naughty

Tiffany said...

Funny about colors - I think each baby girl has her own color! My Aubrey is pink, my Tessa is purple. Just fits.;)

Amy said...

SO I have been thinking a lot about the differences in loving my kids. I feel guilty because I spoil Faye a little more, but really I don't, I just feel like I do. It is a different love for each of them, and I never understood that before.
Can't help you with the naughtiness in time out. If you figure out a good way to deal with it, let me know!
And pink is classic baby girl color. And she rocks it beautifully. Stick with what works, right?