"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

an irish white girl

it's 48 and sunny and i get a sunburn.
which the picture does not do justice.
it's red folks.
embarrassingly red.
like i'll for sure be wearing makeup to max's 8 week tomorrow.
don't want to be the white girl that is bright red in the face from a sunburn.
not cute.
trust me.
not cute.
red=you get the idea.
not cute.
i had a childhood of not cute moments.
some sunburn related,
some not.
the back of me was lobster red after snorkling for 5 hours in kona one year.
stupid surf instructor.
told me i just needed to lay off the sunscreen to go home with a tan.
never listen to a hawaiian when it comes to sunscreen if you're an irish white girl.
what am i going to look like if sean gets a job in arizona?????
sunscreen, i know.
i'm usually great about it.
even the dermatologist says i am.
tells me it is taking years off of my face.
i used to hate my freckles.
like when i was 8-ish.
now i like them.
freckles are cute.
so hopefully the red will go away.
and the freckles will stay.
in the words of faye,
"i'm a poet, and i didn't know it!"
hip hip horray!
now i've just gone too far.
just too darn far.
in other news...
even nemo needs a bath sometimes.


Sue said...

I like your freckles, too!


Proudfeet said...

Ah yes! Sunburns! You are not alone my friend! And ah, I will be trapesing around the desert for four years with a sombrero apparently to avoid getting such a look, should be great! Blah!

Emmy said...

I so can relate! We are headed to the beach for the first time this year; so I am prepared to really slather up or I will be right there with you.

Lisalulu said...

AH freckles... hey they'll keep you young looking!!! be thankful for them

Jess said...

I love freckles too- yours and mine. We lost our nemo to natural causes- he was worn out to the point of not working anymore, may he RIP.

Amy said...

Freckles are hot. It is true. And sunscreen is a good thing, I really should invest in it more. I guess I will this summer. Just finding a non greasy kind is a little tough.

Things end up in strange places at my house too.