"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, July 1, 2010

even with the thorns.

my luck with them knows no limit.
or my UNLUCK i guess.
dr. scout master is going to be absolutely elated.
especially b/c it's in the thorn resistant tube tire that is extra hard to get in and out.
i wish thorn resistant meant that the tire magically beamed the thorns away from us as we walked.
like opposite magnets.
i'm leaving this thorn in.
hoping it will keep the air in.
pulling them out never seems to make things go well.
we'll see how leaving it in goes.
i like my shoes b/c they are pink inside and comfy in the feet bottoms.
i bought them b/c they were on sale.

found out i've been wearing shoes a half size too small.
or my feet grew.
except all of my other shoes still fit perfectly.
so i'm thinking i just bought the last pair too small.
guess that explains a lot.
but the comfy had worn out too.
today's gonna be a good day.
even with the thorns.


The Jackson Family said...

Pink shoes always means a good day ;)

Jess said...

So glad we could walk today- bummed about the danged thorn. And new shoes are the best when they're all comfy and squishy, but aren't they?

Emmy said...

My husband is doing the same thing with his tire.. Except it is a screw and his truck tire! doh!

Sue said...

Hope your new tennies, at least, really ARE thorn resistant!


Amy said...

thorns can really ruin a good day, but new shoes (especially with pink hidden away) can make a bad day magical. Lovin the shoes.