"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, June 28, 2010

a kid, that is the goal.

i found this picture of brennan in my files tonight.
took it sometime this past fall when i was pregnant with max.
i was shocked at how well groomed he looked.
turned around to dr. scout master and shouted, "look! he looks so clean!"
combed hair.
clean face.
neat and tidy.
put together.
and now?
well, this is all we have time for.
b/c we're spending all of our time making sure max is decked out in obscenely large bows and flowers.
found her ultrasound photo as well.
see, she even wore them in the womb.
i love how 2 kids have changed me from how i was with just one.
although, just the 1 was really great too.
see, 2 really is better than 1.
click my colorful links above, you won't regret;-)
and play some sappy music that will make you feel mushy in the heart.
i'm dripping with happy memories.
none of the tantrums, lol.
it must have been a really good day today.
at least good naps.
and only telling brennan to get down from the table twice.
in the morning.
and twice.
in the afternoon.
and twice.
after daddy got home.
note: i fight my urge for neat and tidy when he drips all over himself like that. i tell myself i can do laundry and wipe him off and try to let him bask in his dirtiness as long as i can possibly stand it.
i hope he feels like a kid. that is the goal.


Emmy said...

Yes two kids really does change things. And what a good goal, I think sometimes it is easy to forget that they are kids.

Lisalulu said...

love love love his chocolate face,

The Jackson Family said...

Forever ago, Kevin and I planned to have 2, but since he had issues before and after 1, we're on the fence about 2. It's still on the table, but we want to wait till we're more financially stable.

2 looks good on you though :)

Sue said...

You guys make one very cute family!


Jess said...

The amount of dirty the kid is at the end, is in direct proportion to how much fun was had- he looks like he's having lots of fun. GO YOU!

Amy said...

What a great goal. And I have never thought about it before, but having one kid changed me, and having two kids has made me even better. Such great memories!