"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

100 yogurt covered raisins

he needed one at the grocery store today.
i needed him to have one at the grocery store today.
instead of grabbing cookies i picked what felt like a healthier option on the dried fruit aisle.
yogurt covered raisins.
i'm sure they are equally unhealthy, but i'm going to give myself extra points for picking what felt like the "healthier" option.
go me.
he ate and was pleasant for the rest of our trip.
just as we're pulling up to the checkout i'm feeling really great.
lots of good self talk in my head.
go us.
made it through the store w/o tantrums.
max asleep.
groceries w/in budget.
7 different vegetables in my cart AND fish.
i'm so awesome.
this is what i was saying to myself.
head held high.
closed mouth smile.
you know, we're picture perfect parading through the store.
i'm so awesome.
then he dumps the entire bag upside down and the tiny little balls of yogurt covered raisins go everywhere.
not awesome.
i'm an idiot.
no i'm not.
stupid candy makers!!!
deep breath.
take picture.
don't look around.
it's always less embarrassing if i'm not worrying about what is going on around me.
then it becomes more humorous.
and if i don't have my humor, i have nothing.
console screaming toddler who has just lost all of his treat.
put all 100 hundred yogurt covered raisins back in the bag.
maybe it wasn't 100, but it felt like 100.
trying to decide if i care that they've all been on the grocery store floor.
won't kill him.
those small hairs are gross.
dirt is ok.
makes them healthier!
put them in the cart to give myself more time to decide if i'm going to let him eat them.
text bree.
smile at the checker.
she gets my son a balloon.
he lets the balloon go.
double awesome.
remember to get my groceries from drive and load.
go me.
go to costco.
toddler spills soda in cart.
good thing he missed max.
she's awake now.
looking at me with a big smile.
promise Popsicles to toddler if he stays sitting in the cart through the checkout.
tantrum thrown.
checker gives him the thing that separates my stuff from the person after me's stuff.
happy toddler.
happy mama.
go home.
i wish.
yogurt covered raisins still sitting on my counter.
and that was just the first half of my day.


Jennifer Lucita said...

I don't know how you do it! I want to collapse from just reading all of that! Go you! :)

keri said...

Sounds like your first half of the day went just about like mine. Just switch the names of the stores and have some dumped cookies and spilled squeeze it and we are the same. Oh except the baby part. That one is coming. I cursed myself the whole way home for not doing my grocery shopping at night after Jeff is home. Sane or tired... Which one would I prefer? ;)

Sue said...

You make me grateful I'm an old, menopausal woman now.



The Jackson Family said...

I read this aloud to Kevin and couldn't get through it all without laughing like a squeak toy. He looked at me like I'm nuts.

"don't look around" and "console screaming toddler who has just lost all of his treat" are my favorites!

Emmy said...

Grocery shopping with kids just really should be illegal.. oh wait how would we ever have food? Why aren't there magic fairies that will shop for us so we don't have to take kids shopping?

Jess said...

I love the solitary grocery shopping, nothing in life is better at this point.

Amy said...

Wow, just reading that makes me want to opt for buying groceries online. Windor Dairy. Do you have that where you live? Such a nice service. Helps eliminate impulse buys.
I hope the last half of your day was full of sunshine, rainbows, and smiles because after a morning like that, you need it!