"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

no more bieber.

dear emily,
do not cut bieber fever's hair in the bathtub. do not think it will just go down the drain. it will not. the once was scout master will have to spend an hour plunging and drain-o-ing to get the water to go down. do not think it will be a quick thing to give bieber a haircut. it will not be a "quick thing." it will take over an hour. and bieber will be standing there naked and cold and acting 2 while you beg the once was scout master to hold his phone over the tub so bieber will be entertained by youtube. also, less is more when cutting hair. although, you could shave his head bald and he'd still have more hair than chubacka. DO leave chocolate cake on the counter for him after his nap. he will love it. and it will be a really good memory.


Sue said...

So funny that you cut his hair in the tub! That's a new one!!


The Jackson Family said...

I think we need some before and after pictures of said drain-clogging haircut!

Lisalulu said...

I want before and after pictures of Mr. B

Anonymous said...

Oh funny! Don't you love the lessons we learn?

Amy said...

chocolate cake after naps is awesome, and logic would suggest that cutting the hair in the tub would simplify things immensely. I can totally see it.