"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 6, 2010

for the safety of all mangers.

this morning we are decking our halls.
i was in a good mood and feeling festive,
so the "good mom" in me came out.
it was great!
i was going to teach bieber fever to lovingly play with the mangers this year.
last year's "away WENT the manger" was in the past.
this is what i was saying to myself.
i walked around my house feeling so merry and jolly.
what a great mom i was.
then a crash.
i walked calmly ran to where he was.
there went jospeh's staff.
slipped it back in.
calm, nice mommy back in place.
so i patiently told brennan to be soft with the manger.
it was wooden,
how much damage could he do???
after the sheep went through the basketball hoop,
i decided to cut my losses while we were ahead. 
all of my mangers have been safely moved to the top of the tv center.
i pray for the safety of all mangers this christmas season.
have mercy.


Sue said...


Maybe he mistook the word "creche" for "crush."


Emmy said...

Yes, some day we can have cute decorations and nice things out... but yeah, it will be a while :)

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

My manger has steadily grown smaller over the past five years. It is sad, really. But the most important pieces are there. Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and a smattering of animals. Who needs wise men and shepherds anyway?

I have also learned that high up where it can be seen only is the best place for the nativity.

Bree said...

buy a fisher price nativity & leave it out & don't worry about what happens to it for one second...then put all the rest of the nativity up high & never allow him to touch them until he's at least 6 (peyton is still not allowed to touch a couple! LOL)