"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i'll let you know when i decide.

i may or may not be putting ornaments up this year.
i may or may not be putting christmas lights on my house.
i may or may not clean up the 8 boxes of christmas decorations/paper wrappings/bubble wrap/and bins that held the decorations already up that are sitting on the wall of my family room.
it's not pretty.
it's not b/c of the little grinch that WAS on my shoulder.
he is gone most days now.
mainly b/c i did the majority of my christmas shopping at the grocery store.
yes, i said the grocery store.
if i don't put them up,
i don't have to take them down.
the ornaments,
not the grocery store.
and i've already put half up,
the decorations that is.
so if i don't put up anymore then i've really only unpacked once b/c half out and half away is really like the energy of all the way out.
b/c i'll just have to put the half away that i put out.
not the whole out,
and the whole away.
just the half out,
that's already out,
and then put the half away.
i'm all packed out!
or unpacked out.
it also appears that i have passed the cold of death onto max.
not only does she sound like a pack a day smoker,
but while nursing,
she also sounds like a deep sea diver coming up for air.
poor thing.


Ali said...

Sorry about the cold of death! Feel better (and Max too)

I am grinching out this year... I hate it. It is making me even grinchier.

Sue said...

Awww. Hope she gets well soon!


Lisalulu said...

nothings worse than you baby that is sick!!!

Lourie said...

Oh poor baby. Hope she feels better real soon.

Emmy said...

Hope she gets better soon :(. I didn't decorate for Halloween this year and I regret it.. There are only so many years where it will be so magical for the kids

Amy said...

I hope you at least are feeling better. Sick babies are heart wrenching. And I didn't decorate last year for Christmas. I just didn't have it in me. And Christmas came and went without any problems. It was nice. Of course, this year I have gone all out!