"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

flash flood summer rain pour

tonight after sean gave the kids their baths,
slathered them in pink baby lotion,
and combed their hair,
it started to pour.
flash flood, summer rain, pour.
we all ran down the stairs and sat on the front porch with the thunder booming and the lightening flashing.
right when i opened the front door the thick humid air smelled so good.
the grass turned bright green,
the smell of wet pavement came up from the ground, 
and the humid air wrapped us up in a blanket of warm.
reminded me of iowa.
every time the thunder boomed max would "ooo" with her mouth and growl.
brennan would get scared and then laugh.
and we just sat there,
kids on our laps. 
with everything outside quiet.
except for the rain drops on the pavement.
and the thunder from overhead.
absolutely delicious.
somebody pinch me.


Amy said...

My idea of heaven, right there.

That's it. I am moving to Sandy. I need some good weather once in a while, and you seem to hog it all.

Kindra said...

Heaven! I love the pink baby lotion too, we call it baby-q sauce!

McVal said...

Are you from Iowa?? As you said the thick humid air, I could smell it! Very vivid.
Cool post.

Sue said...

Those summer storms are always kinda fun.


Emmy said...

I just ask that it gets it all out of its system before next week.. we have a lot of activities planned for outside while we are there :)

Melissa said...

You're enjoying life's little moments, friend. This is what matters most, isn't it? I teared up watching your little fam.

Ironically, I wrote about it today (july 8th) with a link to video.