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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i lost count after 8

sometimes i wonder if i will ever figure this kid out.
i lost count of how many times i put him in timeout today after 8.
i finally locked him outside b/c time out on the stairs became so ineffective.
the car seat is not an option in this heat anymore {darn it}.
and i knew he would be really sad if i locked him out on the patio.
and he was.
it was a good 5 minute break for the both of us.
b/c everyone knows that timeouts are for us all:)
and a better option than yelling at him to listen for the millioneth time.
which he did zero of today.
listening that is.
zero listening.
and lots of teasing.
teasing cute little shauna down the street {love her}.
teasing max.
teasing max some more.
teasing max to tears.
teasing max more.
having a snack.
and teasing max some more.
but after a mile of a swim and some laughing with my cousin,
it just sounds so hilarious that i locked him out on the patio for not listening.
and then peed his pants out there b/c i had forgotten that 5 minutes before his 500th offense of not listening for the day he had told me he had to go.
poor little guy!
it's just funny.
how much emotional  and psychological scarring of your child is inevitable???
or normal???
oh man...
don't answer that.


The Jackson Family said...

Aww, poor Brennan!

Daniel & Jocelyn said...

Holy cow this was my day today too! I put Ethan out in the patio/garage for a while to get a break. We are working on potty training as well and he knows how to go, but I think he forgets sometimes, and then there are days like today when he totally stood there and just peed, just let it come out, and kept going and going. I can hear my decibal level getting higher and higher when things like this happen and it scares me that I'm somehow missing something, that I'm scarring him. I think kids test boundaries sometimes and need to be reminded, but as lovingly as possible while still being firm. I don't know how to do that exactly, but it's a work in progress. :) It's a comfort to read your blog though and know that it's also an age thing, that they will probably both grow out of it. :) He's getting so big though Em! His features are really developing, what a cute kid!

Sue said...

Gorgeous sunset!

As for that cute little rascal Brennan, he'll survive. And sometimes, you just have to show a repeat offender who's boss.


McVal said...

:) You can consider yourself a successful parent if your kids can afford their own therapy.

Emmy said...

Well first- BEAUTIFUL sun set picture. I may have thonked Alex on the head today and made a comment about trying to knock some sense into her- talk about emotional scaring :(

Missy said...

What I have to look forward to. I remember little loin who just sat contently. The sunset? One of the top reasons I miss the west the most. Tears...

Missy said...

What I have to look forward to. I remember little loin who just sat contently. The sunset? One of the top reasons I miss the west the most. Tears...

Amy said...

Amazing sunset. Absolutely amazing.
Time outs are sometimes the only way to get through the day. And sometimes those days are pure torture. Purely.
But sadly, I love that picture of him crying through the window. :)