"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM! {a 4th of july photo gallery}

"the" neighborhood breakfast.
if it doesn't have whipped cream or syrup,
then it's not on my plate.
candy cannon.
golf cart rides.
motorcycle rides.
swim some more.
first round of sparklers.
more fireworks.
the last of the sparklers.
roof top fireworks.
put kids to bed.
run outside to watch more fireworks.
wash face.
lay in bed listening to fireworks.
put in earplugs after midnight to drown out fireworks.
do earwigs really crawl into your ears,
make nests,
lay eggs,
and hatch in your ears??!!??
this is what julie and i were talking about sitting on the swing by the pool.
one climbed out from the blanket up by our shoulders,
and we were wondering about it.
if you know,
grilled corn.
slathered in mayo.
sprinkled with parmesian & chili powder.
chicago style.
i did not.
but the boys did.
and said it was great.
amazing, in fact.
   max didn't like the loud ones.
and wasn't really sure about the rest.
but before they got loud,
she was excited.
then she was sad.
and had to go inside.
until we talked her into coming out at the end.
brennan was as happy as a clam.
 the new firework laws allowed aerials this year.
we sat on our roof and watched them fly like popcorn in the sky from our house to the ochre's.
{mountains parallel to the rockies}
felt more like from sea to shining sea.
quite the patriotic sight to see.
   happy freedom.
i may have a new favorite holiday.
{at least until the next one when i change my mind again.}


Tiffany said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Love Max's little jumper! Darling!:)

Amy said...

So fun! Just reading that wore me out. I am sure you all slept wonderfully! Brennan looks so much like Sean! And that romper is adorable.

The Jackson Family said...

Max looks JUST LIKE YOU in the first photo!

Sarah said...

Love love love that pic of Max in goggles. Looks like an exhaustingly fun day. :)

Emmy said...

You do such a good job taking lots of awesome pictures--pictures that truly tell the story. I need to to better at that

Sue said...

I love 4th of July. And yours looks like a winner!

That corn had me drooling...


David Maiero said...

you ought to professionally publish something - seriously

Lani Firmage said...

Emily, your family is so cute... and you seem so happy. It's fun to read about all your doings.

Melissa said...

Dude, your 4th was OFF.THE.HOOK! Goggle pic of Max? Needs to be a part of her wedding slide show. Haha! Love it! Send me your corn recipe... I'd love to post it! xo

Aunt Judi said...

Really great show. Loved it.

Aunt Tracy said...

I always look forward to seeing your blog updates. You really do such a great job!

BTW - Thanks so much for the pics of your babies. Love 'em. :)