"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

max meets tantrum

max meets the tantrum phase.
i don't think a tantrum has ever looked so cute.
pitifully cute.
with a shrieky cry and gaspy breathing-in to go with it.
all because 20 minutes of being pushed on brennan's balance bike was just not long enough for her.
ok, maybe 20 minutes is an exaggeration.
it was more like 15...or 10.
look, i'm not really sure how long it was.
but it felt like 20 minutes,
and apparently, she needed an eternity of being pushed on the balance bike.
and well,
i was tired and hot after 20 minutes.
or 10.
so the ride was over.
and she was mad.
such a little pixie.


The Jackson Family said...

Yes indeed, an adorable tantrum ;) Tyler started this phase long before turning 1!

Gilbert Family said...

still so cute! it is really annoying when pushing them on something or playing with a certain toy isnt long enough for them, even when you say, 5 more times, 1 more time, all done! nope. sometimes doesnt work.

Sue said...

I seem heartless, I know, but it's good for your cute little Max to see that there are limits to what she can expect.

We all need to live in the real world, even darling toddlers!


Emmy said...

Lol! I felt the same way Ryder had his first tantrum- but well see how long I think it is cute

Melissa said...

i love how you don't overreact. you just watch with a smile and enjoy every moment (the good with the bad). love this about you, em!

Amy said...

I saw the picture, and my first thought, before reading anything. was how adorably cute is that little tantrum?! So glad you photographed it.