"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 8, 2011


make breakfast for dinner.
including beth's homemade hash browns.
strawberry lemonade.
play popcorn on tramp.
{almost peed my pants. it was REALLY close.}
bathe kids.
put the kids to bed.
introduce my big girl cousins to
how is it possible that they had never even heard of it before???
pause movie to go get shave ice.
raspberry daiquiri, snow cap, ice cream bottom.
traded with sean after two bites for his tiger's blood.
why do i even try anything else?
big girls fell asleep watching the movie.
we woke them up for all crucial scenes:
1. you've lost that loving feeling bar scene
{to which sean noted, "do girls really stand with their legs up like that in bars?}
2. volleyball scene
{insert angels "ahhhh-ing" here}
*fast forwarded risk-kay bedroom scene*
3. goose playing piano scene
4. motorcycle scene with kelly mcgillis
{"take me to bed or lose me forever"--added emphasis on cheese here}
5. goose goes goodbye scene
{it always creeps up on me,
and i always wish that part won't turn out the way i know it's going to}
6. maverick throwing the dog tags scene
7. intense "go be real fighter pilots" scene at graduation
8. final "you've lost that loving feeling" part 2 scene
brush teeth.
put everyone to bed.
we all {including babies} slept until 10:30am.
how is THAT even possible???
whipped cream.
blueberry noses.
playing popcorn in pajamas.
nothing better than a sleepover:)
and TOP GUN.
the end.


Jennifer Lucita said...

I had to scroll down over your Top Gun highlights, without reading them because I have never seen it. I know, I know! It's a crime! I have heard this many many times. One of these days I'll have to make some time to sit and enjoy it :)

P.S.Your sleep overs sound uber fun!

Sue said...

I'm always surprised at the classic movies people younger than I haven't seen.

There should be required list of must-sees, right?


Amy said...

So so fun! I want a sleepover like that. Sigh. Dreamy evening.

I have never seen Top Gun. I have never had the desire. No I have a sliver of interest. Just a sliver, though.

Emmy said...

Yes seriously how is that possible???
Oh I want to watch Top Gun now