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Thursday, December 22, 2011

letters to Emily {souffles, strata, & midnight mass}

Dear Emily,
I was LAUGHING so hard when you told me the story of you in costco spending too much money on Christmas food and barely being able to push the cart!! You are a woman after my own heart. I have been taking the weighty matter of Christmas food into consideration as well, and it is no light thing. It is something to be taken very seriously. After all, most traditions are food based. There is nothing like a predictable mamas meal for a holiday. Some day Brennan will be saying to his wife, "We are not going to your mom's house for christmas, my mom makes these killer oreo balls and I can't live with out them during the holidays." Max will be saying,"Conference is always with my mom, dah... scones and raspberry butter, need I say more?" So, you're not only cooking for a day, these meals are impressions of a lifetime! But the image is great, you and the heavy cart, in costco with two kids, just wonderful. Christmas morning I have a few ideas for breakfast, I think I am going to do a make-ahead-casserole, so I don't have to fuss with breakfast in the morning. Which one do you think...... French Toast Souffle or Mexican Egg Strata? I have always respected your pallet, so your input is much needed. What is your Christmas menu? For Eve and Morning of?
I got your Christmas Card today!!! I loved it! Thank you so much. You are so good. I was lazy and posted mine on facebook.
I love how hard it was to part with your beloved Caboodle. I understand what you went through. It seems like every girl on the block had a caboodle and it was only a matter of when YOU got one that you would be crowned with the glory of an aqua (in my case) and pink organizer for your 8 year old personal items. And when I got mine it was a BIG deal, I think almost as big of a deal as the new kids on the block sleeping bag I got for Christmas one year. Pretty close.
So, Life for me right now is pretty much this- nursing, changing diapers, feeding Smith, putting down for naps, carrying babies, binki's, burping, Smith's therapy, feeding Bryce, and doing it all over again. It's a beautiful thing. Bear is so fun. He is started to coo and make cute noises. I love baby noises. Bryce talks to Bear in German, I think it's cute. Last night for our advent from our Count down to Christmas jar was to make hot chocolate. I made killer mint hot chocolate and it was just what the doctor ordered. Tonight our advent was to make home-made christmas cards for families in the ward. All I can say is MOTHERS are awesome because they never act like they got like 2 hours of sleep, they are always nice and good to their kids and neighbors, I just don't know how we do it. I haven't got very much sleep and it is killing me, I am excited to hear your sleep adventures with your third. Any thought on names? Are you going to surprise everyone with a name? So far your kids names are cute, so just keep going with the flow. We are going to midnight mass for Christmas eve, it is a german tradition. They hold one for families at 7 so kids can go. So we are going here for that event on saturday.

I am really excited to experience a german midnight mass. I heard there is a children's choir singing. It shoud be fun. Well Emily you are beautiful. I love you and hope your Christmas weekend is amazing!
Oh, yeah, you look way small for 24 weeks. I was gigantic....                        

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