"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, December 18, 2011

making a list {checked it twice}

i've made my list.
and checked it twice.
it whipped around the backside of my torn piece of paper.
so i made it again.
on a full sheet.
and shamelessly enjoyed it.
making the list.
organizing it.
relishing in it.
glorying in the food preparations for the big christmas festivities.
getting excited for my most favorite items.
savoring the sounds of christmas traditions.
what are your must have's on christmas day?
i could live on the sugared baked bri, shrimp, and ham rolls.
with chocolate croissants for breakfast.
dipped in tom & jerry's.
minus the rum.
the entire day.
this is all in need.
no other nourishment required.
and in the wrong order.
but not to be forgotten.
the meat and cheese fondue on christmas eve.
the rice pudding for dessert.
nutmeg on top.
{i always eat sean's. he doesn't like it.}
although he did try to convince me was figgy pudding.
and then sang the song inserting the words,
"now bring us some figgy pudding, our rice pudding figgy pudding."
i've confirmed.
it is NOT in the song.
and it is NOT figgy pudding.
but is IS my favorite christmas dessert.
the christmas light viewing.
and the famous gibson christmas eve/nativity reenactment song book.
that's sean's mom handmade, sewed, and stitched.
she plays the piano.
we sing.
and dress up.
it's lovely.
{i'd better be a shoe in for mary this year. if not, i'm striking next year.}
new traditions to be introduced:
chocolate pie
homemade peppermint ice cream
polar express in grandma & grandpa gibson's movie room.


Jen said...

I love that you made your list twice! You are so organized...I could use some lessons from you!
I can't wait for Christmas!!

Sue said...

I have my lists going too, but no grocery shopping done yet. Dave is going to help me since I haven't been feeling that well.


Lisalulu said...

YOU are the best mom, and you run your household like an expert in Home Management

Emmy said...

I always write my list twice like that- first just writing it then I try and rewrite based on where things are in the store.