"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the naughty list

at grandma's house, at grandma's house,
we're always welcome without a doubt.
no chores to do,
and goodies i can't refuse,
so welcome to grandma's house!
brennan came home spoiled rotten.
after an afternoon with grandma.
all to himself.
i took max home for a nap.
and indulged myself in white chocolate covered popcorn,
while wrapping all of the presents.
yay me for not waiting until christmas eve again.
after banishing max out of her own bedroom and throwing an unidentified flying object into the wall of his own room,
i told brennan he was on the naughty list until further notice.
he fell to floor in a fit of sadness and anger.
and then begged for me to call santa back.
i said i'd think about it.
mean mommy.
oh well.
and might i add,
it was a lovely afternoon of present wrapping,
baby napping,
laundry doing,
and show watching.
i've forgotten what it's like to have an entire house to myself for three hours:)
god bless grandmas.


The Jackson Family said...

Brennan's face is the best "I've never been naughty EVER!" face! :D

Sue said...

Mom alone time is a GREAT thing!