"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, December 23, 2011

"santa is going to love these"

"santa is going to LOVE these!"
 this was supposed to be an angel.
it looked a lot like a dementor to me.
 does the frosting remind anyone else of the movie "hook"?
me too:)
 we fondly named brennan's,
"the green monster." 
and max fondly kept dipping her arm into the frosting,
and then licked it off of her arm.
it started as an accident.
and then she decided she really like the game.
oh to be almost 2:) 
tonight i put brennan to bed.
one last time.
with his binky. 
i think i am going to miss his binky more than he is.
i need a hug.
my little prince.
and his big brown eyes.
i'm so in love.


jen said...

I adore this post. I love Max's squinched up face and the pic of them standing on the stools next to Grandma. This is what it's about. Not a Martha Stewart result, right?
Santa already loves them, right?

The Jackson Family said...

The cute little aprons... almost as cute as the kids!

Sarah said...

Oh, man. That picture of Max with the rolling pin is pricelss. Loved this post. Brennan does have the most beautiful brown eyes. Good luck with the binky disposal!