"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

batman almost drowned

yesterday i was putting max down for her nap.
humming her a song from mary poppins that i don't know the words to,
but that my mom sang to me and sings to my kids now.
both of my kids ask for "grandma's song" before they go to bed.
i love it.
so i'm humming to max and all of a sudden i hear BLOOD CURDLING screams from brennan downstairs.
not just whining.
i just couldn't imagine what was wrong.
i've never heard him scream like this before.
i put max down in her crib,
closed the door,
and hustled my pregnant waddling self down the stairs,
making sure to not fall or trip down any stairs in my hurry.
i found brennan in the bathroom,
and it was obvious he had just gone pee.
but he was still screaming like he was dying.
he must not be able to pee???
or peed on himself???
no pee on the ground.
no pee on his clothes
no 4 yr old dancing around having to go.
clearly he had already gone.
could he just not get himself up on the potty?
why was he crying like he had broken his leg???
all of these things went through my mind in about 3 seconds.
then i looked into the potty.
something was there,
but i it just wasn't registering what it could be but it surely was NOT poo.
and then it clicked.
in a potty full of pee.
without thinking i plunged my hand right into that potty.
full of fresh pee.
i think i even closed my eyes when pee and potty water went past my wrist.
at least it wasn't in poo.
this is what i was thinking.
brennan was still hysterical.
even though i was telling him batman was saved.
he was good.
he was going to be fine.
it was like brennan was in an episode of ER and george clooney was frantically trying to save his dying mother from a car crash.
i just wanted to get batman back in order as quickly as possible,
so i started batman's soapy bath.
i washed that little batman with hand soap and hot water, cape and all, for a good 3 minutes.
around minute 2 brennan stopped crying and shouted,
"you saved batman mom!!!! he was drowning, and you saved him! you're the best mom ever!!!"
i was prouder than proud.
"why yes i am" {i said it outloud to myself}
i had SAVED batman from drowning:)
made my entire day.
and apparently batman's too.
it's a good thing i didn't have to perform CPR.
that may have been crossing the line.


Emmy said...

Go mommy go!! Yea you saved Batman! The things we do as moms.

Camilla G said...

I LOVE this!

Gilbert Family said...

justin beiber should play brennan in the movie. sure to win an oscar...or a cookie :)

Sue said...

My heroine.


Laurissa Hansen said...

Mother of the year!

Maureen P said...

I love it. What's next? Barbie CSI...

Jessica said...

Emily... These blogs are the best. And way to go batman saver.

becca said...

go mommy who's the hero now you are

keri said...

I was laughing out loud over this one!