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Monday, February 27, 2012

letters to Emily {Binkies, Cheddar Cheese, & Mexican Food}

Oh my sweet Emily,
Okay, I totally feel for you, last part of pregnancy=the hardest part. Now, some say the first trimester, with the morning sickness, awkward gaining weight and you can't really feel the baby yet, but I have to disagree. The bulging baby is the hardest to carry around, sleep with and eat with. But...you look great, really great. And I am sorry I had to laugh at your story of you falling down the last 3 steps...not funny at the time, understandable, but it is a pure representation of the third trimester! I grow in klutziness and stupidity the last trimester...not that you are stupid or klutzy. When my mom and sister were here before the birth I was frantic and told all of them, "hurry put the trash out it's garbage day!" (which is tuesday) and they hurried and put it out for me. We even went into town and went shopping and it was the end of the day we realized it was thursday! I had misled them all by two days...so funny! Wow, well, I am glad you are okay and the baby is as well, that is what matters most. I feel for you Em, I really do.
But you get a baby in the end, so it's all worth it.
So, I totally get the stuffed animal attached to the binki now. When you first told me about it and I saw Brennan and Makenzie with them I didn't get it. I thought, what difference does an animal at the other end of a pacifier make? Well, I need one, bear pulls out his binki or it falls out and it would be so nice for him to have a little playmate attached so he can keep it in longer.
These past couple weeks have been crazy, having a neuro typical baby as far as I know, is harder than I thought. He is needier than Smith and loves to be held. Smith has always been good with anything, holding, not holding, playing by himself, having me play with him, he is pretty chill. But Bear, man he loves to be held. At first I drank it in and loved it, now I am like, really? You want to be held ALL the time? But he does, luckily I have two arms and can stir things and write things down while holding the little man. It is great though, I do love it.
I love that your belly is so popular with your kids. And that your kids use it as a car ramp. That is great! Made me laugh. We have an appointment with a special needs school here in Heidelberg and I crossing my fingers Smith gets in. They will pick him up and feed him there and drop him off at the end of the school day. I think that is wonderful. But we'll see.
Groceries are amazing here, they never cease to thrill me. Every time I go into a grocery store here it is my birthday. Other than the fact they don't have cheddar cheese, or mexican food, it's wonderful. It's funny the things you miss. I do miss church in english, and I miss having a car (most of the time), and I miss the movie theatre.... hmmm...and my family and friends of course. But, I have substitutes for all those things here, church in german, well it's hard to stay put when you have a baby anyway, so I would probably be walking the halls in an american ward. A car, two words, public transportation. Movie theatre, Netflix. Family and friends, we have a few members of our immediate family here which is so FuN but they are moving back in a month!! Friends, we have our ward. So until we get to the U.S. of A....those subs will have to do. I love yall and until then, tchuss!!!
p.s. say hi to Sean for me

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Sue said...

I always enjoy her letters to you.