"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, April 9, 2012

it's my due date

the greatest doctor on the face of the planet:
dr nielson
greatest husband on the face of the planet.
fattest baby i've ever had.
for coming out fast.
good baby:)
right after i delivered chase,
nurse jodi and nurse laura kept saying,
"wow, that's a big baby!"
i assured them,
it wasn't as big as my first.
{i had very confident hand gestures to go with my comments too. very believing. third time moms know it all, you know.}
and so i told them,
"my first was 9.4, HE was big, this baby is not as big."
while chase got some oxygen to "pink up" they continued to comment on how THIS was a big baby. look at those cheeks!" 
{he does have great cheeks.}
i again made sure they knew
he wasn't that big,
brennan was big!
this baby was not that big.
{did you get that he wasn't that big?}
and then they moved him to the scale.
and i heard sean,
"OH!! OH!! WOAH!!! WOAH!!! he's bigger than brennan!!!"
and dr. nielson and i looked at each other with our mouths dropped wide open.
so much for brennan being big.
chase wins.
by 2 ounces.
2 weeks earlier than brennan.
the nurses were right.
i feel much better about how i couldn't get around that last week.
and losing over ten pounds in less than 10 minutes.
that was really great.
b/c there was one big fat baby inside of me.
i asked dr nielson that if there is a next time,
could we do he/she at 38 weeks instead?
good grief, he was 9.6 at 39 weeks!!!
he just shook his head in disbelief.
and told me to just be happy we didn't go to 40 weeks.
the kid measured right on at every visit.
i guess i just make huge boys.
that measure right on.
good thing my pelvis is
the morning before...
we should have known all along!
worth it.
SO worth it.


Sue said...

Thanks for expanding the story a little. I love reading more details! And the pics are so much fun to see.


Emmy said...

He truly is the most adorable chunky baby!

Davis Family said...

You hide them so well! Your prego pics do NOT look like you are carrying a 9 lb baby! So is the rumor true...do big babies sleep better??

Amy said...

And amazing back muscles for carrying that adorable little chunk around! Wow, pelvis move over, check out the back that didn't break. Color me even more impressed. What a funny story!