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Friday, April 13, 2012

letters to Emily {packages, binkies, & allergies}

My Dear Emily mother of 3,
Wow, three kids! You are amazing! And Chase is one cute boy if I say so myself! He has blonde hair?  I love it. Anyway, life here is going well. We got Bear's allergy test back and boy oh boy, he is allergic to pretty much everything under the sun. Soy, dairy, wheat, egg, nuts, potatoes (uncooked), I think that is it. But hazelnuts scored the highest on the allergy chart, he wasn't too allergic to peanuts so I hope he won't have to be the kid that eats at a separate table in the cafeteria during lunch. Bad news is I can't eat any of those things while nursing for a while, we are going to see a specialist in a few weeks and go from there. So I have been to the Asian food store and the natural food store to get a lot of allergy free food. I made a trip to five different stores to find allergy free chocolate, but with no avail I couldn't find any. That is okay. But I did find cocoa so I made chocolate banana oatmeal cookies, I used banana, natural sugar, cocoa, and baking soda. They turned out good, not great, but good. Bryce thought they were the sickest things on the planet and he told me they could not be called cookies. I laughed so hard when he took a bite from my cookie, but I ate them anyway, and they fed the craving for chocolate, I was happy. Some good news....I got your package today!!!!!! I was so excited, it felt like Christmas, I ripped the package open with my teeth. rather barbaric, and I put his cute little lamb on his Binky.... heaven! I will try the lotion tonight and tell you about it, but it does look mighty fine. Thank you so so so so much!! You are the best! Smith starts his school next week! I am so excited, it will be an adjustment though. You just get so used to their cute little faces during the day, it will be really good for him though. His teacher called me and told me how excited she was to have Smith in her class. That made me happy.
Before this allergy fiasco, I was in search of the most delicious croissant in Heidelberg, and I found it. A chain bakery called Grimminger. They have two kinds of croissants. Butter and Laugen. The Laugen is to die for. When I pass it now I just look at it as it calls my name, (we are on a first name basis), and it even talks to me. It says, "Beth, hello, I am so flaky on the outside and so tender and soft on the inside. I am baked to perfection and someone else in Germany is going to enjoy me today. Sorry it can't be you." See, the Laugen Croissant is nice even when I can't consume all his glory in my mouth.
How are things with three?
How is Chase?
How is post birth body?
How are your kids handling it?
Is Sean in heaven?
Tell me all about it!! I love you and hope you are so happy on this Spring day!
love you


becca said...

aw what a great picture very happy baby

Sue said...

Love that pic of the baby!