"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the leaky faucet

{after i took this she said "NO!" in a high pitch and shot spiderwebs at me.}
 this one up there is sick.
chase might be on the counter for two weeks.
good thing he's not my first
or that would be illegal.
it's a good thing she's cute.
that is what i heard sean say when he took her downstairs last night around 10pm to cuddle.
b/c max & sick=DRAMA.
it's cute.
until it's not.
poor thing.
her nose is a leaky faucet.
this one down there officially has my heart.
and hopefully not max's leaky faucet.
brennan has never been sweeter than he is with baby chase.
i'm so
with this little man.
spring babies.


Amy said...

Poor sick girl! So sorry about that. Faye shoots spider webs at me all the time. It makes me laugh, and yes, she is so darn cute. What a blessing the boys club bond is so tight so you can focus on other important things. Brennan saves the day!

jen said...

Something about those April babies that makes them even more tasty.

Max has the same hairdo as Eve. Not much to do with it, is there?

Sue said...

Hope he doesn't catch the cold! It's such a pain nursing them when their noses are all stuffed up.

He really is a good-looking boy, Em.


Emmy said...

Lucas was the same way- always so good and sweet with Ryder. Alex was never mean but Lucas was much better.

And he is so so cute!! Still need to find time to work on that pic for you :)