"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

super hero {8 weeks}

2 feet long
11 and a half pounds
and a head in the 90th percentile
{very gibson-baby like}
i never remember my babies stats.
but today, i remembered those three.
i love his little super hero band aids they put on him.
we always leave bandaids on until the ouchie is in the bandaide.
then we can rip it off,
and throw the ouchie in the trash so it doesn't hurt anymore.
even if there is a scar or a scab,
as long as the ouchie is in the bandaid,
the hurting goes right into the trash with it.
works like a charm,
every time.
for now.
in other news...
last wednesday, brennan's favorite color changed from green to red.
this has made meals a struggle as we have lots of green cups, forks, and plates,
but only two red forks.
no red cups,
no red plates.
he finally figured out that spiderman wears red, not green.
we were wondering how long it was going to take him to figure that one out.
the byu fans in the family are not pleased.
they are hoping he changes to blue by august.
{as am i b/c we have lots of blue kitchenary stuff}
max put on brennan's batman costume tonight.
with a big proud smile on her face.
she walked up to all of us individually and announced herself as
it was so cute.
i was in love.
and then brenanan came up and told her she couldn't be batman.
b/c she was a girl.
and batman is a boy.
her spirit sunk a little bit.
i could see it in her eyes.
my heart sank for her.
mean boys!
but then i squeezed her arm,
gave her a wink,
and told her girls can be batman too.
this is america for heavens sake.
and the 21st century.


becca said...

oh my gosh look how much he has grown

Sue said...

And anyway...Don't forget bat girl!


Emmy said...

Awe dap-man that is cute! And yes just remind them that daddy's favorite color is blue and he will get it right ;)

Love how your band-aids are magical

Katie said...

I just love his hair!

Amy said...

What a great idea about throwing the owie away! Genius. I am going to have to try that as Keith is a wimp when it comes to things like shots. And he milks it like no other.

Green to red, hu? Funny! That is going to be a real struggle. You could always come up with something like the red plate is under cover, pretending to be green so it can catch the bad guys but is really red, or something along those lines...

Dap-man is always a girl in our house. :) I adore your kids. They are amazing and adorable and so squishable!