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Friday, June 1, 2012

where's waldo

where's waldo?
{see if you can count all 3 of my kids}
i had to exercise.
{i use this word "exercise" losely though--walking=exercise for me}
my body was screaming, "get out and walk me!"
but not like a dog.
like a lady that loves being outside in the sun with her kids.
and i'm that lady.
but with a double stroller that i need to hold 3 kids instead of 2.
i told sean last night that walking might be a thing of the past.
at least for now.
well this morning,
the grumpy in me was coming out,
so i slathered sunscreen all over us,
packed treats,
and big huge water for myself,
and we headed off to see the horses down the street.
the kids did so great that we walked 2 miles to the park.
{i didn't plan it, we just kept walking, and they just kept smiling}.
i let them play for fifteen minutes when we got there,
and made us all say a prayer that nobody would cry or fight on the way home.
well hallelujah!!!
we made that entire 4 mile walk without one tear.
2 miles there.
and 2 miles back.
divine intervention i say.
believe what you like,
but people,
it was a bonified christmas miracle in june.
my arms and legs feel like jello.
and in the words of my high school PE teacher,
"it hurts so good:)"
i came home and took an 800 Ibuprofen i had left over from Chase,
and put everyone down for naps.
{minus Brennan, who got a front seat to Madagascar}
about that shower...

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Sue said...

Good for you! And the kids, too!!