"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 2, 2012

bundling tail {no AC}

i love it when i bundle chase up,
and his blanket hangs down my side.
like some fancy tail of motherhood.
with a little purring bundle in my arms.
smelling of sweat and a hint of baby shampoo/lotion.
depending on if he's been bathed recently.
or if our power has been out on a hot day in june.
like it was today.
it was hot.
really hot.
and no power to power our AC.
the main breaker went caput sometime around noon.
we thought the power was out in the neighborhood,
but when the power truck pulled up to our front door i knew it was just us.
i was desperate for relief
{i am not a heat dweller},
and had to settle for shorts that still won't button.
fortunately they have a tie too,
and i layer my shirts.
so no one was the wiser;)
and my magiver of a husband fixed that main breaker all by himself
with a trip to home depot
and help from the power company to turn off our main power.
no electrocutions,
and a house all nice a cooled down tonight.
finally going back to church tomorrow,
as brennan decided last week
he'd rather stay home with mommy in jammies
than go to sunday school.
wish us luck.
max is scared of hot things.
especially fire.
and brennan is a master marshmallow roaster.


becca said...

i hate when the AC goes out especially here in FL it gets way to hot

Sue said...

No AC = No bueno.


PS. You live in a great place!