"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 9, 2012

making room for corn

 3 spiders with white sacks on their bums
nests of wolf spiders running under the fence
black widow in a hole
daddy long legs a'plenty
{did you know they are not spiders?}
{no venom and no silk=not a spider}
one garden snake
5 bags of weeds
and a partridge and a pear tree
{actually a pulled tree, or bush, whichever}
room for my corn
and two more pumpkin plants.
happy summer:)
and happy baby rototiller we borrowed from my 83 year old neighbor.
i'm an arachnophobe.
this picture might keep me from sleeping tonight.
it's silly,
i know,
but i get goose bumps when i talk about spiders,
and my body turns to jelly when i see them.
it's a real fear.
don't judge.
it appears we only had to suffer 3 days, not 10-12.
thank heavens.
{although neither sean nor i are too trusting that it's really gone for sure.
we are on 24 hours of all sickness FREE and counting.}


T!FF said...

Nice before and afters! I love that you borrowed that tiller from your 83 old neighbor! So cute!

Amy said...

Sacrifices MUST be made for corn. Though I am not sure giving up those mama spiders was hard for you...though it did deprive you of sleep. I love you're photo. Max's sit is darling and her pig tails scream summer fun.

Sue said...

Did you really have to start this post off with spiders???


Emmy said...

I don't think I would garden at all if I ran into all of those! Crazy