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Sunday, July 1, 2012

chase & his white tuxedo

today we blessed chase.
sean did the honors during our church meeting at the bright and chipper hour of 9am.
i woke up before all three of my kids AND sean to shower and paint my toes red.
sean and brennan dressed chase in his little white tuxedo while i dried my hair.
the same one we blessed brennan in 4 years ago.
i adore his "jin-jah" hair with all of his white garb.
such a handsome little man.
food inspiration from my favorite little blog here.
{who happens to be one of my college besties. love that little miss!}
a carolina style pork butt, shredded and smothered with a rocky mountain sauce is just about the best thing there ever was between two breaded buns.
carolina style pork,
rocky mountain bbq sauce,
loaded up with slaw,
with sides of sweet potato fries {which i happily store bought and baked},
star shaped watermelon, and gigi's juicy corn on the cob.
which she prepares in her cooler of hot water with two pounds of butter.
strawberry lemonade and water to quench our parchings {i made up that word}.
and two jello salads from my in-laws {b/c it's just not a party in utah without the jello salad}.
{forgot to serve the bottled coke. oh well.}
i made my first homemade cole/broccoli slaw.
and learned that i like my slaw sweet, salty, and vinegar-y.
easy on the mayo.
dried cranberries too.
{compliments of missy as well}
water soaked in strawberries is my new favorite treat.
ice cream cones {"pink" for max's pick & chocolate brownie for brennan's},
raspberry bars, and frosted pink sugar cookies from linsey,
and THE famous cookies on the side.
all for the blessing of this little white tuxedo'd fellow.
i just love his little face and body in that vest.

b/c everything just tastes better from a jar.
{really, it does.}

{on the left: mary with baby chase}
{on the right: NAT! who drove all night from arizona with 3 kids ALONE. 
oh yeah, AND it's her birthday today. HAPPY HAPPY NAT!!!}
{see picture below}
i just love this picture of the five of us after church today.
my arm looks wicked buff, which i know it is not.
but if it were that'd be ok too.
and maybe it is.
i don't really know.
max is pouting.
chase is sleeping.
or he is blinking.
sean is talking.
brennan is...i don't know.
i really need a huge bowl of reese's puffs.
and a long long sleep.
what a fun day it was celebrating baby chase.
{missing: ruff's & mehr's who disappeared before we could round them up.}


Gilbert Family said...

STOP IT! just STOP IT! youre too dang gorgeous and crafty and homemaker-y. youre making everyone else look bad ;) happy blessing day baby boy. what a great day!

Amy said...

I think chase's nose is my favorite part of him. It is beyond cute! And what a delicious and patriotic spread you have there. The berry drink (our is that jello) made my mouth start to water. Literally. You are amazing to prepare all that by yourself. Wow!

Cassie Kennedy said...

Such great pictures Emily! And I cannot believe you look that great right after having a baby!

Sue said...

That's exactly how I love my cole slaw, too! And what a cool way to serve corn on the cob!

Your family looks adorable, and so do you!

And the food makes my mouth water, presentation included.


becca said...

wow what an awesome party your my hero not only are you beautiful and host a great party you did it all with a smile. you rock

Emmy said...

Love his little suit! You should have dug up a few pictures of Brennan in it to compare- though their hair is nothing alike!

And your food pictures-yum!! totally hungry now.

Looks like the perfect day

MiMi said...

I clearly suck so much! Been forever since I've been here. :(
Anyway, BEAUTIFUL shots and you guys are all adorable! X 10!