"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 6, 2012

everything my heart loves most {home}

max and brennan were playing cars in the big room.
i was rocking baby chase to sleep between the kitchen table and the pantry.
bouncing his little bundle, 
and softly patting his bum.
kissing him between his two eyes, 
right at the top of the slope of his nose.
his eyes rolling back.
the sound of him sucking his binky.
brennan and max chattering about driving their cars on the car mat.
dishes filling the sink.
beans and peas scattered across the table, 
left over from quesadillas at lunch.
watching my corn stalks sway in the wind through my kitchen windows out back.
the pumpkin plants vine-ing out.
the sunflowers stretching up.
with one of my favorite songs playing in the background.
and i was just happy.
b/c i was doing everything my heart loves most.
with all of my babies.
and i wanted to tell them that wherever we are together,
we are home.
and we can get through anything.
safe and home.
"hold onto me as we go
as we roll down this unfamiliar road
and although this wave is stringing us along

just know you're not alone
'cause i'm gonna make this place your home

settle down, it'll all be clear
don't pay no mind to the demons, they fill you with fear
the trouble it might drag you down
if you get lost, you can always be found

just know you're not alone
'cause i'm gonna make this place your home"

-"home" by phillip phillips


R & L said...

I love listening to Lucas when hes off playing on his own. Nothing sweeter (except for his hugs and kisses). Love hearing about your wonderful family

Amy said...

Oh Emily, I am so happy for you! Envy is not a weakness of mine, but just right now I really envy everything about your life. It is my dream. I know one day I will have it, and I am so glad that you have it right now. At least I can enjoy it vicariously. I am so glad you have your home in your heart. You deserve it. You and your family are both wonderful.

Sue said...

Love this post!
And love that song by P.P.