"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, July 5, 2012

freedom {a photo gallery}

the ashes from the fireworks were falling down on us like rain last night.
we sat under those big huge fireworks in the family yard,
and it felt so calm and quiet.
in a loud kind of way.
chase slept in my mom's basement like a baby.
max sat on my lap and hid under her blanket.
the fireworks still scare her.
brennan sat by sean in his spiderman chair.
we would tell them to cover their eyes when the ashes fell.
and look down at the grass as it all softly patted our heads and shoulders.
all of the children {kids, cousins, friends} 
would light "glowies" {sparklers} 
between firework sets.
and drop them in the grass when the tiny flames got too close to their little fingers.
by the end of the night our ears were ringing and my head was aching a bit,
but sitting in that warm summer's night air, 
with those big huge fireworks atop, 
and our family all around, 
was the moment that you wait for all day to grace your special holiday.
{my house is filled with the smells of rain this morning, thank goodness the moisture is finally here.}
blueberry pancakes
fried ham
pioneer day float 
{my cousins were in charge of building it this year}
family reunion
skyping to Belize
inflatable horse races
snow cones
chocolate dipped ice cream cones
hamburgers & hot dogs
lindi's famous fruit salad
treats a'plenty
gigi's baked beans and corn on the cob
swings & slides
cookies the size of your face
play house
just another 4th of july.
{minus the "just another" part}
oh happy day:)
{i just LOVED her eyelashes}
{and yeah, the bunny is holding green jello--we ARE in utah you know.}
{troy and his summer treats--bliss.}
these little beauties shot fireworks up that dropped red parachutes down after.
so cute. 
{and then there was the part where some aerial fireworks shot right at us. spooked us right home. not fun!}
god bless troy for saving us all from that one.
 {max hiding under her blanket on my lap}


Sue said...

Those kids are having a GREAT life.


Amy said...

Who has a soft serve ice cream machine in their backyard?! Holy smokes, I want that backyard complete with all the toys. What a delightful gathering place.
And what a lovely holiday! We had another sickie so many of our plans were put on hold and it was a much more low key day than we had planned. But I think you had enough fun for the both of us!!!

becca said...

what fun and i'm jealous you have an ice cream maker

Emmy said...

Okay 150% jealous of that soft serve machine! That is so awesome.
How crazy that you were so close. And what a totally wonderful day. You guys sure do know how to have fun