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Saturday, July 7, 2012

letters to Beth {YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!}

Dearest BETHY!!!

        Today is your 30th BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY HAPPY DAY! i found this picture of us in one of my many kitchen baskets and just had to show it to you. I turned it over and found that I had actually written on the back of it. It said Unity Conference Chico 6th Ward Sept. 2002. Ten years ago my friend, can you believe it?! I just remember that it was really early in the morning, and we had all camped out in tents. Wasn't someone playing a guitar and singing outside of our tent super late?? Dallas??? and someone got in trouble for boys sleeping in tents or something like that? My memory is not so good anymore, I just remember drama, but there was ALWAYS drama in student ward, hahahaha!!! Oh the memories:) I still have that sweatshirt, but I never wear it. Why on earth did we have makeup on so early in the morning in that picture. Mascara even! Oh how times have a'changed. 20 seems like just yesterday, but OH so long ago too. I hope you get to eat something fabulous and love on all of your people on this special SPECIAL day! My skype said I missed a call from you yesterday. I was so sad! I will keep one eye open for you on skype all day.

        I am so very glad to hear that Bryce is doing better. By "better" though, what exactly do you mean? Can he pick heavy things up again? Is he back to his old self? Give him a big hug from the GIB's. Oh happy day for a new flat downtown. Tell me all about it. Pictures PLEASE!!! How many rooms, carpet or hardwood, tile or linoleum, how is the kitchen, the view, tell me all! I hate moving, but I love starting new and rearranging furniture.

        I am so envious of your trip to Italy. I dream of eating a huge plate of fettuchini alfredo in the motha' land. My mouth is watering as I type. NOM NOM NOM. Did you rent bikes? I've always wanted to ride an old fashioned bike in Italy.

        We blessed Chase last weekend. He was as darling and perfect as ever. I had the entire family over for BBQ pork sandwhiches later that night. I did a Carolina style sauce that they cooked in the crock pot with, and served it with a Rocky Mountain BBQ and homemade cole slaw. Sides were sweet potato fries, watermelon, corn on the cob, and jello salad. There were cookies, raspberry tarts, ice cream cones, and sugar cookies for dessert. You can never have too many desserts! Little Chase face is waking up as we speak and sounding like he hasn't eaten in a year. Have to run.

Love to you on your 30th birthday!



Sue said...

I hope she does tell more about how her hubby's doing. And I hope he is doing well!

Cute letter, Em.


Jen said...

I remember who the serenader was!

Amy said...

What fun you had in your student ward! Those early years were so fun, weren't they?
Ha ha! You make me laugh. nom nom nom. I sincerely hope her husband is doing better. How fun it must be to live in Europe. The experiences would be amazing.