"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

letters to Emily {dryer, gelato, & Italy}

Dear Emily,

Sorry it has been so long!  Between moving into an awesome flat in downtown Heidelberg, going to Italy for a wedding and having family move here, I have been busy, but no excuses!

I can't believe Brennan got a car stuck in his hair....definitely traumitic.

Yes we do have a dryer, as rare as they are in Europe, we have one.  I am grateful too, with a baby it would be a little hard to hang dry all those little onsies and clothes.

Bryce is getting better and life doessn't seem impossible anymore.

There are a million berries growing in the mountains here,  I think I am going to attempt to make jam this year!  We will see how is goes.  Have you ever made Jam before?  What flavor combinations did you like best?  I tried a strawberry/raspberry jam and I think I fell on the floor it was so delicious.  

How is little Chase?  Is he the best?  I love seeing pictures of him.

Since they sell gelato all over Heidelberg I have discovered my favorite flavor...Dunkel Schokolade, it is basically heaven in a cup.  It tastes like costco's chocolate cake in icecream form.  Delicious.   Bear's allergies are more under control.  Since I had to go off the diet in Italy, ( I mean really, who isn't going to eat pasta or pizza in the motha land? )  I think I endulged in the dairy the most.  I think Cheese is a staple in my life.  Once I get back into the groove of things I will have more stories to share.  You amaze me!  I hope your summer is HOT HOT HOT!



becca said...

aw what a great letter Happy fourth of July have a wonderful day XOXO

Sue said...

Glad her hubby is doing better now!


Amy said...

I want to try her strawberry/raspberry jam and fall on the floor. I love making and more so eating homemade jam. What a relief her husband is doing better. That is terrifying to be in an unfamiliar country with such an injury for your spouse! I cannot imagine. What a dear sweet friend you have. I would like to meet her one day.