"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"CHIP" {not the cop on the motorcycle}

brennan: "i hope i'm not gonna die."
me: "you're not gonna die. you don't even have to get a shot."
brennan: "don't talk about it. let's just don't talk about it."
{and then he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and fought back his tears.}
well folks,
the verdict's in.
a buckle fracture.
the pediatrician noted it's a mild one.
and it should heal on its own.
in 4-6 weeks or less.
i almost didn't take him in,
b/c his sunday school teacher told me he was doing push ups in his sunbeam class today.
and surely i must be overreacting b/c he was climbing in and out of the car,
harassing max and chase as usual,
and in a pretty good mood overall,
other than being a little tired.
but with 9am church,
who's not tired?
but when he couldn't pull his underwear up and down on his own though, 
i figured,
we've got to get his athlete's foot checked out anyway,
might as well have them push on his arm a bit while we're there for a stronger cream.
two birds with one stone.
when dr. woods pushed on his pokey-outie wrist bone,
he yelped a short little yelp,
breathed out slowly,
and told her that yes,
that hurt there "yep."
even she wasn't entirely convinced it was broken,
b/c most kids can't do push ups with a broken arm.
but she sent us off to primary children's radiology for x-rays to be sure.
the place was empty.
if you ever need an x-ray,
go to primary children's on a sunday.
we waited 5 minutes for the radiologist to bring us back.
and in 5 minutes we were done.
i kept wondering if this was all a waste of time, 
and me being overly cautious,
but i just had to know if my gut was right.
after the radiologist took his films she asked me if i knew what the plan was going to be next.
and the way she asked it, i just knew there must be something broken.
so off the record she told me what she thought it was.
then told me where the casting clinic would be on wednesday.
4th floor, take the elevators from the main hall,
inside info like that;)
i didn't know whether to shout for joy or cry.
i was so glad that we didn't waste all of our money for nothing.
so glad that i listened to my gut.
the one that told me the minute he fell off that tramp that it was broken.
but so bummed that he did in fact have a broken arm.
by the time we were pulling into our garage back home the doc was calling to confirm it.
thank you primary children's and thank you willowcreek pediatrics.
where else on the planet can you take your child to an office visit, 
on a sunday afternoon,
with NO extra fees,
and get the x-ray results before you even walk through your front door.
after two heaping bowls of spaghetti and meatballs,
{per brennan's request}
and a few of our favorite christmas stories,
he declared, 
"my body is cool, it's going to heal itself."
"can my friends really sign my cast??!!"
max has decided she wants a pink cast,
and brennan would like cougar blue.
{sean is SO proud.}
she's going to be really disappointed when she doesn't get one too.
i'm hoping she'll settle for signing her john hancock on brennan's. 
i am officially a grown up.
making decisions.
i blame the children entirely.
but i think i mean that as a compliment.


becca said...

aw poor little guy he's taking it like a trooper give him a hug for me

Amy said...

He is such a handsome little guy. And how funny that he was doing pushups with that hurt arm! Boys are such show offs. :) Welcome to the world of grown-up stuff. But I think you will always be on the verge of grown up stuff, never fully immersed, because you have such a young heart.