"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the blue beauty {brennan gets a cast}

brennan charmed the ladies of primary children's casting clinic this afternoon.
they were rolling at all of his one liners.
and the redheaded nurse turned to me and goes,
"this kid is really funny isn't he?"
and i was all,
"you have no idea!"
then she explained how to take care of the waterproof cast.
and was so intense about it that it totally freaked me out,
and i wondered if we should have just gotten a regular cast.
{and then the doctor came in and told me it was not that big of a deal.}
the first thing brennan said once his cast was on was,
"it's so heavy."
and then does the test arm lift like there was a thousand pounds hanging off of his bandaged arm.
then he inspected it by moving his blue beauty every which way and direction.
my favorite part was when he had a psychedelic moment with his fingers.
waving them in front of his eyes.
then off to the side,
and finally came to the conclusion that yes,
he can in fact move them all at the same time.
{his fingers.}
maybe you had to be there...
the doctor was taking forever,
and brennan was yawning,
so then i yawned,
so i taught brennan about how yawning is contagious.
and after i explained what contagious meant,
he would yawn over and over again,
and laugh hysterically that when he would yawn,
i would yawn.
and then we decided we should take yawning pictures.
so here is our best yawning picture.
and then the doctor came in and we were yawning at my camera,
and we most definitely looked pretty silly.
when we got home,
max came running up to us with her Ariel doll,
and gave brennan a big hug.
while we were gone,
my mom and max made a matching blue cast for Ariel.
and max was SO excited to show us.
it was so cute, 
i nearly died.
{no mermaids were harmed in the making of this photo.}
{no brennan's were harmed in the casting of this arm.}


becca said...

isn't it funny as parents we think getting a cast is bad and worry about our child where the child thinks it's the coolest thing. sign the cast for me

Sue said...

Always kind of a pain, but at least the little kids heal quickly.

Sorry he has to go there, though...


Amy said...

I have a friend who said she will always take her kids to PMC, no matter what they have. She said they have the best staff, and because they only work with kids, they have so much more knowledge. Glad he got to go there. What is a waterproof cast? I have never heard of one of those.