"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 1, 2012

courtney & beth {and brood}

beth and courtney showed up on my front porch last night as a surprise!
such a wonderful surprise!
there i was cleaning up super heroes in the front room,
waiting for sean's car to pull into the driveway from work,
and i looked out my front window to see them walking across my front lawn.
with babies on hips a piece.
i ran to the door,
opened it,
and screamed so loud that i woke bear up from his nap.
sean came home and took the big kids out for secret birthday errands 
{i love when he does this--so cute}, 
and the three of us ladies let the babies roam the toy room like little puppies on christmas morning.
they crawled every which way.
we fed them,
nursed them,
listened to christmas music,
talked about germany,
the autobahn,
and how it doesn't have a speed limit.
{i knew it was fast, i just didn't know there was no limit.}
we ate the peach salsa with the cinnamon sugar tortilla chips linsey's husband found,
tomato salsa with regular chips.
told beth about instagram.
and Siri.
we took turns chasing the pea sized climbers up the stairs,
down the stairs,
and around the corners.
sam only fell down the little stairs once.
it was sad.
we pulled max's my little pony crowns out of their mouths about a million times each,
laughed about the things sean used to do to torture the two of them in high school 
{boys are mean}
reminisced about the good ol' days in chico student ward,
we talked about being moms,
and life.
and that turning 30 is great!
we all did it this year,
and still feel like young little chickens.
not what we expected.
in a good way.
then we talked about how beth knows the drummer in the band neon trees.
like really knows her.
b/c she used to live in beth's basement.
before they were big BIG time.
and courtney has met her.
and did you know they played in the macy's thanksgiving day parade this year?
and then courtney and beth sang the chorus so i would know what they were talking about.
and then i KNEW what they were talking about!
i made two of my famous pizzas,
pepperoni, mushroom, and olives.
we oo-ed and awed over each others babies 
until the exhaustion of the day sent everyone home.
and it was glorious, glorious, GLORIOUS!
no matter what you have or don't have,
none of your haves are as good 
as having treasures of amazing people all around you.
in this i am very

 now all i need is some snow:)

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Amy said...

Those babies are delicious! There really is nothing better than a surprise visit from dear long lost friends (or just friends who live very far). The way you wrote this just made me smile and grin over and over and over. You are wonderful, I hope you know that.