"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

lipstick on my mirror

with two kids coughing like they are 2 pack a day smokers,
and another with a broken wrist,
we are like a regular pharmacy over here.
going through motrin like nobody's business.
i have first initials and times written in lipstick on the mirror in my bathroom to keep them all straight.
i know:)
in other news...
i am happy to report that our house is glowing with christmas decor!
i am so antsy to buy our first real tree,
and have promised to at least wait until this weekend.
i can almost smell the christmas tree smell just thinking about it!
the most exciting news of the week is
this weekend's 
weather report.
on december 1 or 2.
dream come true!
i hope.
i will need no other presents than a fresh blanket of snow for my sleepy eyes sunday morning.
i think it's supposed to be thriving.
that too;)
goody, goody, gumdrop!
i can't wait to eat chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cake with reese's on top.
come on snow,
think dec 2.
yours truly,
{my original trolls. still love them.}


December said...

You poor thing! Being a mom can be so exhausting! Hope everyone gets better soon so you can enjoy the holidays! When is your b'day? Mine is the 22nd. Love ya, December! :)

Sue said...


Sick kids.

No fun!

But birthdays, now THOSE are fun!!


Amy said...

If it weren't for all the sniffles, I think wintertime would be so much more fun! Sorry you didn't get your snow. It is in the forecast for this weekend, though, so that is good news, right? Keeping my fingers crossed for a belated birthday present for you. :)