"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, December 2, 2012

a big red bow {30}

today i am 30, and chase is exactly 8 months old.
a birthday for us both!
{it did not snow, BUT sean did get me a sweet beach cruiser bike with a big red bow. all set up in the garage this morning for me to see as we ran off to church. if only i could go out and ride it in the snow! 
i can't wait to take her for a spin. today is just too cold and windy. he also made me orange rolls for breakfast, and is currently at this VERY moment making me a special surprise birthday dinner. YUM!}
i have always been a saver of birthday presents.
if i get a gift card,
i will save it for 6 months or more.
i love to have it sit in my wallet or in my desk drawer, 
reminding me that i still have something really great from my birthday waiting to be used.
it's like i get another present and have another birthday 6 months later.
genius, i know.
i love the feeling of knowing it's sitting there,
waiting for me.
right there at my beck and call.
i love to wait all day to open my presents at the very end.
especially cards!
i save them for the VERY LAST:)
after everyone has left,
everything has been unwrapped,
then and only then will i open my cards.
in the quiet that comes at the end of the day.
when i was a little girl,
i loved to sit and watch everyone open their presents at Christmas,
making sure to get a good solid stack of my own going next to me.
not b/c i wanted to open the crowning last present,
but b/c i always want the day to last a little bit longer.
to soak in the magic a little bit more.
b/c when the magic of the day wears off,
and you get a cold,
or lose your favorite glove,
stub your toe,
wake up on the wrong side of the bed,
and you're just having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad kind of day,
you can pull out that stashed away birthday gift card or birthday money present.
for a very good,
very happy later on birthday day.
and then the buzz of your birthday is back again in a jiffy:)
absolutely thrilling.
just like it will be every time i ride my sweet new beach cruiser bike.
{did i mention he took max and brennan with him on the adventure to buy it. what a guy!}
HAPPY 8 month BIRTHDAY baby man chase ray!
i don't know how we ever survived without you before.


becca said...

Happy Birthday

Emmy said...

Happy belated birthday again :) And love what you do with presents and cards- just seems so magical.

Amy said...

I love your philosophy on birthdays. I love that you can treasure things so long, and so well. Happy birthday!