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Friday, December 7, 2012

letters from THE REAL SANTA!!! {magic}

at the beginning of november,
brennan, max, and cade wrote letters to santa.
i was their scribe.
the were serious about their pictures too.
cade did big spiders and little spiders, and other stuff i can't remember now,
but i was laughing hysterically when he described them.
i remember that.
brennan drew santa.
and himself with santa.
and i think a sleigh with reindeer?
and something else really funny i can't remember.
{which is exactly why i try to write this stuff down immediately 
b/c i can't remember it past that minute i hear it.}
and max drew spiders and santa.
so original.
and do you know what?
with their home address,
zip code and all,
brennan's even had his first and last name on it.
complete with a return address to the north pole and a snowman stamp.
the postman delivered them today.
i don't mean the mom and dad santa here.
we all know mom's and dad's are just good helpers.
i couldn't believe my eyes when i found them in the stack of mail tonight.
i gasped and was all, "santa wrote the kids back!!!"
and sean looked at me like
a. i was crazy
b. what in the heck was i talking about,
and then i explained what in the heck i was talking about
and he looked at me like,
a. what in the heck are you talking about???
i can't wait to give them their letters tomorrow morning.
cade had to put his in his own mailbox,
so i of course texted his mom at 10:46pm tonight to see if he had one in his mailbox today as well.
she's checking hers tomorrow.
it's only a day away!!!"
 have you ever seen anything like this?!
i LOVE living where we live:)


Amy said...

Magic indeed! I am in awe. "Dear Santa, I want a house in Emily's neighborhood. Everything good happens there. Pumpkin smashing, all the best storms, letters to Santa, etc. I will be a good girl, I promise!
Santa loves Amy, Amy loves Santa.

I think that was the sort of form they used and had all their dreams come true, right?! I may as well try. :)

Sue said...

Such fun, right?