"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 3, 2012


 this morning i took my little beach cruiser for its maiden voyage.
and i gave her an official name.
b/c she's got some edge to her pretty little self.
a little tom boy, and definitely a classic.
i love her white rimmed tires,
wide handle bars,
big, fat, white peddles,
and comfy, springing seat.
brennan says i need a bell.
i completely agree.
the kids chased me up and down our street,
asking me to keep going.
max cried a few times b/c she wanted to ride too,
but i couldn't hold her,
and peddle,
and not tip over at the same time.
i will need to figure that part out later.
so proud of my little brennan for taking every one of these pictures all by himself.
a natural for sure.
we are going to be riding bikes a lot more now.
what a thrill!
the menu:
filet minion wrapped in bacon
grilled asparagus and mushrooms
brie cheese salad with homemade red wine vinegar dressing
martinellis sparkling cider
all prepared by this amazing fellow below.
{max and brennan break the wishbone. the both won.}


Ben and Katie Brown said...

your cupboard handle is behind seans ear, and it actually looks like he has an earring... :)
happy bday..my 30th is coming up, and i am not too excited! glad yours was great!

Emmy said...

Happy Happy Birthday! (Late yes I know) and what a fun bike!

Amy said...

Oooh, I LOVE your bike! I have been longing for one for a while now. So glad you got such a beauty. And by the way, you are absolutely beautiful. More so than your bike. Glad you got a scrumptious meal for your birthday and two little ones who love to chase you on your bike!

Sue said...

Rizzo seems like the right name.

My Karin used to have a bike quite like yours. She loved it!