"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, December 6, 2012

17 boxes of peppermint joe-joe's

brooke and i went to the new trader joe's last night.
it was my first time.
and let me tell you.
i bought 17 boxes of peppermint joe-joe's.
yes, you read that right.
along with a jar of cookie butter.
i dipped the peppermint joe joe's in it at the sample station.
glory be,
it was marvelous.
what will i do with 17 boxes of joe joe's you ask?
i intend to eat at least 2 boxes myself.
dipped in cookie butter and milk.
then i will bribe my children with at least 2 more boxes to do perfect angel things.
like stay downstairs while i nurse baby chase.
take showers.
talk on the phone.
do laundry.
and make dinner.
my name is emily gibson,
and i bribe my children.
it truly is a win/win.
trust me.
and then,
if i'm feeling extra generous,
which i generally am during this marvelous christmas season
{mainly with myself of course, wait...}
i will share some with my neighbors.
in lou of my famous baking.
wait no,
in addition to my famous baking.
so that is what i will be doing with 17 boxes of peppermint joe joe's.
i also bought two packs of their cloths {like gold around here}, milk, bananas, and orange chicken.
b/c we were out of bananas and milk,
and i test tasted the orange chicken on a hungry belly at 7pm. 
they were all sold out of the chocolate covered peppermint joe-joe's.
i would have bought 17 more boxes of those.
but only for me.
hey, my generosity only goes so far.
{no children were harmed in the making of this trip to trader joe's.}
{brooke and emily survived it with 5 children 5 and under. and we left smiling.}
christmas miracles all around:)


Amy said...

Wait, a TJ in UTAH?! When did this happen?! I am so happy, and now have yet another reason to go to SLC. Best Christmas gift ever! And it truly is a Christmas miracle to go to a store with 5 kids 5 and under and leave smiling, regardless of the store. Miraculous!

Emmy said...

17! Lol I wondered what they thought of you at the checkout. :) I am pretty sure we have a Trader Joe's not too far away but I have never been to one- sad I know

Gilbert Family said...

so i know where i am going when the world ends :)
17...thats impressive!
no shame! i like it.
how fun you and brooke get to hang out.

Sue said...

Bet you're thrilled it's there at last!