"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, January 6, 2013

a volcano in my humidifier

 my entire family falls asleep at 8:45pm, sean included, and i decide to try to clean out the humidifier with vinegar and baking soda. b/c i know vinegar is the greatest cleaning agent on the planet,
but i think maybe the bubbling from the baking soda will make it work better.
and i always loved when we did that in the third grade to make a volcano anyway.
and then alicia reminded me that one's a base and one's an acid, 
so they were probably counteracting each other.
of course!!! i was never good at connecting things like that in science class.
and then linsey testified that if you give her a bottle of dish soap, water, 
and vinegar she can clean just about anything.
and to vinegar, soak, and rinse 2x {hot water.}
and then laura said to let the vinegar sit and then go at it with a toothbrush, 
but that really she usually just throws them out and goes and buys a new one from walmart.
and then my mom said soak, soak, soak in vinegar. and scrub, scrub, scrub,
so i dumped it all out and started again with a huge pool of vinegar in the base of it.
but then i couldn't help myself from making another volcano b/c it was so much fun to watch it bubble up,
but then i decided i'd better get serious about cleaning it out if i wanted it to work in the kid's room tonight,
so i dumped it all out again and filled it with the last of my vinegar.
and then sean walked in and was all, "what is going on? what are you doing???"
with one eye open and still half asleep.
and i just smiled really big and started giggling.
bottle of vinegar and baking soda=$10
group texting my friends on a sunday night 
and science experiments in my upstairs bathroom all by myself=PRICELESS.
and very therapudic:):):)
brennan officially graduated from sunbeams and moved into the CTR 4 class in sunday school today.
he was beaming through the halls tonight as we were leaving church.
with his CTR ring on.
{"Choose The Right"}
{aka make good choices and keep the commandments}
{and by "tonight" i indeed mean TONIGHT. b/c the sun was actually setting 
as we walked out of church. the 2-5pm church block is brutal. 
1 week down. 51 more weeks to go. 47 if you don't count stake and general conferences. 
but who's counting anyway?! wait...}
i was so excited for him i was bursting.
i told him i had always wanted one when i was little.
he told me he can "look at it on his finger, and then his brain will remember to choose the right."
{on the way to church he told us his brain talks to him sometimes.
and tells him stuff.}
i found one at the bottom of the alta canyon swimming pool in elementary school and made it mine.
a ctr ring. not a brain.
it turned my finger green,
but i loved it.
the ring.
but not like gollum or anything like that.
then in high school and college i bought fancy silver ones that are sitting in my jewelry box upstairs.
i have come full circle.
with ctr rings and volcanoes.
i need to go dig out my old ctr rings.
i wonder if my humidifier is done soaking in vinegar yet...


becca said...

aw congrats to Brennan and wow cool a volcano i love mixing vinegar and baking soda to clean it's just fun and anything that makes cleaning fun i'm for

Sue said...

Great post...both the volcano...the ring...and the alwyas fascinating Brennan brain.


Amy said...

Brennan is such a funny boy. Seriously, my favorite. I love how excited he was for his ring. Does he still have it? Did he lose it yet? Keith lost his three times yesterday alone. I am not sure where it is now.
Volcanoes are awesome. Seriously. Doesn't matter your age, they are awesome.