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Monday, January 7, 2013

this is not for the neat and tidy of heart.

scoop the oreo with peanut butter as shown.
drunk the entire oreo in milk for awhile. 
i like mine to not crunch after. do as you like.
you must hold the oreo next to the peanut butter {i had to re-position & rotate after my picture}.
if you don't hold it near the peanut butter, step 3 will not work right.
this is important.
be a rule follower here.
bite so you are getting half Oreo and half peanut butter in your first bite.
this is also the step where you will know if you let it soak in the milk long enough for your liking.
drink half of the milk.
your oreo will be dripping all over.
it's okay. be ok with it.
i hold my dripping oreo over the cup while i'm drinking my first half of milk.
the milk drips down my hand and wrist. things are cramped, sometimes the oreo touches my nose,
but i like to hold it over the glass.
redunk the other half of the oreo, especially if it wasn't soaked enough during step 3. {see step 3 above}
if it wasn't crunchy enough, let it soak a little longer, but don't squeeze your oreo too hard b/c then it will break off and be swimming in your milk. if this happens, don't panic. calmly get a spoon and scoop it out. 
it may end up being genius to have dropped it.
don't skip this redunk. it's worth the risk of losing it in the milk. 
you must resoak so that it's freshly covered in icy cold milk for your last and second bite.
take your last bite.
drink the rest of your milk.
i always ALWAYS have at least 2 oreos in this fashion.
right before bed, when i'm really hungry:)
a time honored tradition since senior year of high school.
you're welcome in advance.


Amy said...

Leave it to you to come up with a tutorial on the proper way to eat oreos. :) Of course. You make me smile.

Sue said...

What a yummy combo!