"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 12, 2013

and then one day he decided he was a thumb sucker.

disregard the pink bib.
this is in fact chase.
max's pink bibs were still in the drawer from when she was a baby.
convenience people.

it appears chase has decided he's an occasional thumb sucker this past week.
it's cute.
{he started in utero, but i wasn't going down without a fight. my valiant effort with the binky made it 9 whole months, and i'd say he likes them both. thumb and binky. like vanilla and chocolate. both good. no need for choosing between the two. a swirling of sorts. but with sucking.}
particularly in his high chair,
is where he sucks his thumb the most.
before and after meals.
or during.
in his car seat.
here or there.
in a house.
with a mouse.
in a box.
with a fox.
in a car.
in a tree.

A train! A train!
A train! A train!
in the dark.
in the rain.
with a goat.
on a boat.
he will suck his thumb
you get the idea.

and he likes to drink his juice like it's moonshine.
with a backwards wrist hold.

my plant is short a few limbs,
and my curtain rods are uneven.
send reinforcements.
he fancies plants and curtains.
we're not in kansas anymore!!!


Ben and Katie Brown said...

so he is 9 months... and drinking juice? are you still nursing? I haven't given any liquids to Braxton except the boob. I am alittle nervous about it. and Olivia was on formula. the is all new to me!

Sue said...



becca said...

how cute is that and uh oh I see trouble

Amy said...

I love how you write. So fun. What a darling boy with those quirks.